Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ocean Liner House

Huh. I was trying to find images from some British dollhouse shows and randomly came across a photo of Henry Colbert's Art Deco dolls house, with a caption on it "Ocean Liner House by Henry Colbert". I hadn't seen that name associated with that house, but I kinda like it.

Now I'm really curious if Henry Colbert was in attendance at the Nov 09 show, just his work, or why his 1997 dollhouse is featured (he's not listed as an exhibitor). If anyone is in London May 14-16, 2010 the next Kensington Dollshouse Festival will be then.

Could this be Henry Colbert? This photo was taken at one of the Birmingham Miniatura shows this year. The Art Deco house looks like 1/24 scale and is similar to Henry's other work. I found the photo on a Japanese blog, but other than "Modern house" I can't make out much else from the translation. I'm assuming this guy is the builder, otherwise I'd kick his @$$ for leaning on the dollhouse.

(Top image from The Kensington Dollshouse Festival website. Bottom image from I love it! Japanese blog )


  1. Ha ha! That is sooooo funny. I love the house! You're a great detective. CM

  2. Thanks! I'm chomping at the bit to see his latest work. Just knowing his new houses exist keeps me scouring the net looking for them. I can only hope someone who has one somehow stumbles across one of the great modern mini blogs and gets inspired to share their photos.

  3. so where can i buy it?

  4. I think the photo shows Chris Rouch with one of his beautiful 'Toptoise' dolls houses :)


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