Sunday, March 29, 2015

HBS 21st Annual Creatin' Contest winners

If you haven't seen all of the entries to the 21st Annual Creatin' Contest, head over to HBS to see all of the photos from last year's contest.

First-Time Entrant Winner, Karen Hritz' "Beach Retreat" was my absolute favorite. Below are the top winners and just few of my favorites. There were a lot of cool cafes, shops and cabins; check them all out at

Top Winners

Grand Prize Winner - Kelly Morin
Blackthorn Bog Dragon Hatchery

First Place Winner - Joyce Anderson
The Gypsy Vardo

Second Place Winner - Margo Givens
Big Pine Island

Third Place Winner - MaryEllen Markowitz

First-Time Entrants Winners

Alisha Fusco
The Elven Bowyer

Jodi Anderson
Old Country Chapel

Honorable Mentions

Diana Drews
Flatland Aviation

Joan C. Emden - The Shed ASC
(Artist's Silkscreen Cooperative)

Sarah Hale
Steampunk Caravan

Kathleen Hoyer-Dartt
Last shop on the left

Roxanne Mulder - Les Fleucs
Collette's French Flower Shoppe

First-Time Entrants

Rebecca Baker
A Time for Peace

Lynne Hall
The Yellow Seahorse Gallery

Jen Furman

Repeat Entrants

Henry Atwood
Woodland Sublime

Michelle Canada
Booklover Cottage

Sherrie Kanik
Meadowlark Cottage

Elaina Marugg
Old Mr. Yorsen’s

Sherry Pittman
Vintage Water Mill

This is what the kit looked like.
"The Starting Point Garage Kit"

All photos from HBS 21st Annual Creatin' Contest page.


  1. All of these interpretations are Incredibly Imaginative and So Very Clever!
    I would hate to be a Judge.



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