Friday, February 21, 2014

2013 Spring Fling winners

Greenleaf Dollhouses hosts an annual Spring Fling dollhouse contest where the winner gets to rename the dollhouse kit. In addition to the usual top 3, they offer a "Luck of the Draw" prize, so anyone has a chance to be a winner. The seventh annual 2013 winners were announced last November, but I didn't get a chance to post until now. I'm trying to get through my backlog, but here is plenty of eye candy that might get you interested in joining the upcoming Spring Fling 2014 (kit hasn't been announced yet.)

First Place Winner Kelly got to rename the kit The Bora Bora Bungalow. I could totally vacation in this beach hut.

Second Place Winner - Jane. Exposed beams are always my favorite. The birds are really cool, too.

Third Place Winner Mandystar's pier and restaurant really makes me crave sea food. Great details throughout.

This was one of my favorites. Lyssa from Can't Have It Big? Make It Mini! created a relaxing pool house. I love the covered deck.

Talk about living small. Blondie from Tales of Clark Street created an entry that looks straight out of the Tiny Houses and Small Spaces blogs/websites. I love her use of color.

Treehouse! Love it. Great work Mike, but I really want to see the interior. Can I come over and decorate?

Boat garage? Very creative work Jeff!

Angela gets the Best Contemporary award in my book. I love the windows and front door.

Bee House! This is just too sweet. Beeutiful work April.

Marie came up with a great floor plan. Kitchen, living room, dining room and sleeps 4? That's a lot going on in a tiny space. Looks great.

I love that Gayle's houseboat actually floats on water. Awesome.

These are just a few of 29 entries. Many more incredible entries are on the Greenleaf Dollhouses forum. See all the entries here.


  1. It was a wonderful contest ;) So much talent and wonderful people to inspire and cheer each other on over the months.

    And eye candy galore! ;)

  2. All projects are wonderful! A contest with talented participants. Congratulations to all!

  3. Such amazing work, from all the participants...and how did I not notice the floating houseboat before?!

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  5. They are all so creative and well done. Thanks for posting!


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