Saturday, February 15, 2014

20th Annual Creatin' Contest Winners

It's one of my favorite times of the year... the announcement of HBS's winners of their annual Creatin' Contest. Every year I love to be inspired by the creativity and talent that so many people bring to this contest. Here's my coverage of the 19th annual and 18th annual contests and my 18th annual favorites.

Without futher ado, the Grand Prize Winner is Nancy Enge Sea House Pavilion. Talk about incredible photographry. That is the best background scenery in any of the Creatin' Contests to date. I love the ceiling and there are just so many fantastic details in every nook and cranny. How cute is the miniature version of the contest dollhouse kit?

Click on the photos to enlarge.

Here is the what the kit looked like to start with: Charming Cottage Shell Kit.

First Place Winner - Margo Givens The Merry Minxster. I love the tree on the patio. The interior of reminds me of an English pub in Tahoe that we've been going to for years. Very realistic.

YEAH BRAE!!! Second Place Winner - Brae Oktober Walnut Bay Light. These pictures just aren't enough to really enjoy this house. Go to her website to really marvel at the beauty she puts into every detail. Outstanding!!!

Third Place Winner - Betty Taft Charming Tree Cottage. Maybe its that TreeHouse Masters show on TV that my husband is hooked on, but I'm kinda loving treehouses right now. I really wish there were more interior pictures, this tree cottage looks incredible.

The treehouse inspiration found it's way to other entrants. First Time Entrant - Nancy Weinberg Shipwreck Housing

First Time Entrant Winner - Sherry Pittman Treehouse Cottage

First Time Entrant - Jessica Christian Beachfront Guest House. This was one of my favorites. It looks like such a relaxing retreat.

Repeat Entrant - Norm Schini Hometown Depot. This is one of my favorite photos from the contest, great lighting and background. Plus the finishing work on the house is just gorgeous.

Honorable Mention - Evelyn Allen Oasis Diner. I love 50's diners and this oasis version looks spot on. I love all of the trim and exterior details.

First Time Entrant -Darlene Chaplin Country Cottage. I really need to make an exterior with water. I just love this house over water design.

First Time Entrant - Anne E. Brown Summer Camp Cabin. I love the beach landscaping.

First Time Entrant - Flo Paulin Discovery Cottage. I thought this one was really playful. The gardens and interior look like a great home away from home for your kids.

Repeat Entrant - Kim Kehoe Bapa's Pets. This just screams cute to me. I'd love to see more interior detail pictures on this one.

The light is on for this house. First Time Entrant - Jodi Hippler Bev's Ocean Front Retreat. Dollhouse + Lamp = Love it.

First Time Entrant - Karen Dircks The Miniature Meeting. Wouldn't it be fun if there was a mini meet up place in your town?
First Time Entrant - Milo McNally Kitty's Bar. Dogs playing poker... awesome, what else can I say.

These are just a few of the houses that stood out to me, if you have 20-30 minutes, head over to to see all of the winners and entrants, there are tons of them.

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  1. Oh, my! Do you get a lump in your throat and feel emotional like I do when I see these beautiful little works of art? It is like watching a drama or listening to sweet music for me. I cant help myself! I am going right over to the site and tell them too! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Agreed! I think they do a great job presenting all of the work people put in to their creations. I'm happy to share.

  2. I'm always amazed at how each person incorporates the simple kit into something mind blowing. You would think they'd all end up looking similar but the imagination of the entrants is so varied, the final pieces are fantastic

    1. The creativity is really inspiring. Honestly, when I saw the kit, it was a blank canvas. And I mean blank. I had no idea what to do with it, so I didn't enter this year. I'm really impressed with what other people came up. Truly inspiring.

  3. Great creativity! I love the little stories each one tells and next year will have some wonders coming as well ;)

    1. The level of skill that comes out in the Creatin' Contests just keeps getting better and better. I love that they have a First Time Entrant category to encourage new people, and fabulous prizes for the die hards that deliver unbelievable finished products year after year. Hats of HBS!

  4. Such incredible work - from everyone who participated! And the grand prize entry is brilliant; I would never have thought to eliminate most of the wall space for an open-air scene.

    1. I know! I never would have thought to do that either. I really love how they weathered the wood, so authentic.

  5. Thanks so much for the feature!!! :D There were so many wonderfully creative entries!

    1. Brae, your work is always my favorite, I would have been shocked if you weren't in the top again. Such a simple kit design spread inspiration like wildfire. Always exciting to see what people come up with. I have an idea for next year's, so I hope to find the time. I still have an idea for the 2012 kit, but haven't started that one either. One of these days...


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