Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inch by inch, floor by floor

I knocked off work early tonight and was able to make some more progress on The Antrim dollhouse kit. So far we are at day 5 of the build. Priming and painting took up the first 3 days (late evenings when the kids were asleep). Tonight was the second day of building. This house is a beast. There is no way I could build this without my husband and all of his tools, which I'm sure he never expected would be used this way.

I painted it a flat white, but now I'm thinking a semi-gloss is going to look better. Yay, more painting. Any suggestions or advice on paint? I'm all ears.


  1. I, the color see it well. The House expectacular, I look forward to see it mounted. It will be wonderful.

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  2. Nice work.
    It's very nice. I like the windows. I don't know about color. My house is foam core so I just put colored paper up on the wall with a little paste. I change the paper around a lot.
    Semi-gloss would be nice on some of the walls. A little sheen looks good in photos too.

  3. I would recommend a satin white, which has a slight sheen, but not too much. Semi gloss gives too much reflection, and will show any flaws in the paint surface.

  4. I LOVE your blog...the antrim is grteat...wish I had bought one when it was available. Oh, well, have had my sights on the Merrimack forever...lots of room and that hugh kitchen is terrific.
    Keep blogging, please.

  5. Dora - the more I work on it, the more spectacular I think the house is too. Thanks to the link to your blog, very cool!

    Barb - I love your house! Welcome to the modern mini blogosphere. Nor Cal huh? There are a few of us in the Bay Area if you ever want to meet up send me an email, it's under my profile.

    Anonymous - Thanks for the tip. There are definitely plenty of flaws in the surface, so it sounds like satin is the way to go.

    Doris - Thank you Doris! I love your work!! I have been admiring your couches/beds/chairs/lamps/everything and plan to purchase soon.

    Day 6 we put on the third floor, Day 7 finished assembly. Tomorrow I hope to paint, and then move on to the interior. I'm so excited how its coming together. I'll post more photos soon.


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