Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disappearing Act

ACK!!! Where does the time go? I'm sorry to say the giveaway drawing will have to postponed a few days until May 31. You may or may not know, but I'm full-time mom by day and web developer by night. Work has been extraordinarily busy and has taken over every spare minute I have. I'm so sorry to leave you hanging, but know that my inbox has been ignored, my hulu queue is overflowing, my Antrim dollhouse is begging to be finished, my back log of posts is getting ridiculous, and I got my first Paris and I barely had time to get it out of the box.

Yes, I said Paris!!! My amazing husband surprised me with these three incredible pieces for my birthday from one of my favorite designers in 1:1 and 1:12. The furniture is 1:12, but my real life dream is to have a house filled with 1:1 Paris Renfroe Designs. Here are the M.U.T.T. Floor Mirror, M.U.T.T. Coffee Table with Spring Leg and M.U.T.T. BENCH from PRD Miniatures. I am chomping at the bit to put this in a real room, but sleep has been getting in the way.

THANK YOU to everyone who has followed me to the new site and for all of your comments, I have blocked out time this weekend to start to catch up. MORE TO COME, I SWEAR!!! Back to work for me.


  1. Isn't it the truth! Life ebbs and flows! Happy Birthday, what a great present! What a great husband! Cheers CM

  2. Happy Birthday and all the best wishes for the next year of your life!
    I can see you are actually building a house- wow ,Will I be able to do that one day?

  3. Thanks CM, we didn't get the honeymoon in Paris, but he found a way to bring Paris to me. Sorry France, if I had to choose between the real Paris and PRD FR8 House, I think the later would win.

    Thanks for the wishes Neomig. I hope to finish the build soon and start decorating!