Saturday, May 29, 2010

East Bay Play Date

I'm used to having play dates for my kids, but today it was my turn. I had the pleasure of meeting callsmall earlier this month, and today I spent the morning/afternoon with My Realitty. My husband wants to know who's next. Anyone else in the Bay Area want to meet up? Email me anytime.

I had planned to photograph Carol's amazing collection of 20 dollhouses, but we had so much fun talking time slipped away. She did let me "play" with her MH1 house and we brought minis from all over her house to put these scenes together. You may have already seen similar photos on her My Realitty blog or on her new blog dedicated to just modern LeftCoastMini, but I had to post these here too for the memories.

The lamps were my first build of mini lamps. If you like them, you are in luck as they are the surprise giveaway prize as well. Carol gave me a couch and chair that she made and a bozart vase, that I can't wait to put in my new house. You can see photos on her blog here. I'll take photos soon.

In case you are wondering about any of her great miniatures here are the credits she listed on LeftCoastMini: Living room scene. MH1 house by Wes Christensen, Bozart vase, Texas Tiny buddah and African mask. Strombecker flocked deco arm chair. Bedroom scene: Minimodernistas bed and hanging lamps. Vintage DDR linoleum flooring, Tomy lamps and plant, Strombecker arm chair and ottoman and floor lamp. Contemporary computer, original mini art nude by Oese.

If you plan to be in the Bay Area, please drop me or My Realitty a line, I'm sure we'd both love to plan another mini play date. :D


  1. So nice to have playdates! Although she's working in another scale and lives in another part of the country Cocco and I have had a lot of them :-)
    Your lamps look stunning together with Carols coach, and I absolutely love the bedroom scene the two of you put together!

  2. this is very nice - familiar to me the furniture of Carol and the style of your decoration. I love this.
    I'd like to play with another pal in germany too. On the fair I made some swaps, with the shop-owners, with a blogger I met and of course with Püppilottchen.
    But to meet each other in the home where the dollshouses are is another story.
    Very inspiring.
    Good to get to know you all.

  3. Mini it was a blast! I would NEVER have thought of using the German DDR linno with the Minimodernista bed but the colors are hot together or making the scene with the Buddah, African mask and Bozart black vase together.I think I will leave it up indefinately. Everyone loves your new lamps! They rock. We will do it again soon! C

  4. Hi Pubdoll, so glad your back online! Meeting IRL has been a blast. I hope to meet more mini fans whenever possible.

    Oese, if I ever make it to Germany I would love to meet you and visit your house to see your amazing collections.

    CM - See you soon!


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