Friday, May 14, 2010

DDR Vero 2 Puppenhaus

I've been on a vintage binge lately. Maybe because I'm getting another year older, maybe I'm dreaming of a simpler time before mass produced plastics beat out quality craftsmanship, who knows. I've found myself searching eBays outside of the US to see what the rest of the world gets to fawn over. This "DDR Vero Original Puppenhaus kein Kaufladen" caught my eye. These are pictures from two different listings but I couldn't find the listing that had more information on the house.

I love it. I immediately started decorating it in my head and dragged my husband in to beg for one for my birthday. His reaction "it looks like a bathroom". Ugh. Luckily for him, neither seller would ship to the US, so I lost out on both houses. Luckily for me, the other listing had pictures of the instructions, so I might use these to build my own version.

(all images from sold houses on German ebay)


  1. There's one on German eBay now and they ship worldwide. Best offer or BIN for 59 Euros. Check it out!

  2. Aaaaa!!!! So tempting. I think I'm saving my money and limited space for an M112 Pod in September when Paris is visiting (not me, San Francisco) and some brinca dad for xmas. ... but maybe ...


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