Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free Translation Tool for Blogger

For anyone trying to find a translator for their blog I think the new Google translate bar is the way to go. Some of the translator gadgets open new windows and translate the links, so anyone trying to bookmark a page or send a page to a friend might end up with a broken link. You can also customize which languages you want to translate into.

To add the translator to your blog. Go to:
1. Select the original language you write your blog in
2. Select the languages you want to translate to
3. Copy the script in the box
4. Open your blogger control panel under "Layout" "Page Elements" click on "Add a Gadget"
5. Open the + button next to "HTML/Java Script"
6. Add a title like "Translate this blog"
7. Paste the script into "Content" box
8. Click Save

If I left your language out, please let me know and I'll add it. Enjoy reading in whichever language you prefer.


  1. Since I have my blog - more than one year - I try to add these translator, but allways failed.
    Thank you so much for this easily working tutorial!
    I tried some translations and have to confess they are sometimes better than mine :-(
    I'll continue with translating of my own with LEO dictionary for exercise, but I'm glad my guests have the chance to understand when I'm to lazy or when they aren't good in english.
    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you, Mini Dork! I've added it too, leaving it at all languages - as I know some of my followers, or readers who come via google, speak languages as diverse as Catalan, Turkish, Arabic, etc!
    I tried translating my latest page into French and German. I'm sure it would make it easier for a French or German speaker to understand, but the grammar is a bit clunky, and even some of vocabulary is a bit off. The German translation gives both Tabellen and Tisch for 'tables', and doesn't translate the title at all - probably got thoroughly confused with 'kitchen table scales'! But I'm sure they're better than my translations would be - and since I don't do any anyway, it does give readers a choice :-)

  3. YAY! I did it! Thank you for your easy tutorial. Just what I needed! CM

  4. Thanks for the translation suggestion because now I can see what my site looks like in Icelandic or Yiddish or others.
    This help from you will enable more people can access our work.
    Thanks again


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