Wednesday, May 12, 2010

brinca dada - Bennett House

Altera posted this yesterday, but here are some photos; I'm still drooling.


Got an email from Modern MC who of course is super excited about the Bennett House, but with her collection is going to have to get creative to find a place for it. She has been getting emails asking about the "single set of stairs for the structure," and she wanted to pass along the information that "the Bennett will also have a working elevator. How cool is that?" Very cool indeed! Thanks so much for the update MC. We miss you!


Check out brinca dada's Facebook photos to see the latest designs of the Bennett House. Wow! Just heard back from Doug Rollins from brinca dada. Looking at the photos, I originally thought they were working on two different versions, but lo and behold, their beyond talented designer and architect, Tim Boyle, came up with an ingenious way to open the house. So the photos are the same house just opened and closed! I had to stare at the house for a bit to figure out how it opens; kudos dadas, the Bennett House is truly amazing. They plan to have the house ready for the holidays. Yes these holidays, 2010. I know what I'm getting for Christmas!

The Bennett House will be ¾" scale, same as the Emerson House. They have designs finished to furnish the entire house and are working on prototypes now. I love the living room designs on their website and can't wait to see what they come up with for the dining room, kitchen, kid's bedroom, master bedroom, bathroom and home office. I will be counting down the days until I can start buying.

(all images from brinca dada's facebook page)


  1. Isthis3/4scale too?Beautiful to look at.CM

  2. My thoughts exactly Dale!

    CM - I have an inquiry into brinca dada about the scale. At one point I heard talk of a 1:12 design, but with 5 floors this would be huge at that size. I'll post an update as soon as I get the official word from the dads. :)

  3. Even huge, this would be awesome.

    So what if it needed it's own room? lol

  4. It's awesome, no? Momma definitely needs a new house . . .

  5. Dale - Since it is 3/4 scale it won't be too huge, but I'm still going to have a hard time finding someplace to put. If I don't get this for Christmas, it means Santa thinks I've been bad.

    Hey Meli - beautiful indeed.

    Altera - Momma totally deserves a dollhouse for all of your sleepless nights and diaper changes. :) Thanks for posting the Facebook link!


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