Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scenario Selection room boxes

I had found Barbeque with Friends on a different website last year but just stumbled across all of the other cool stuff by Antje and Günther Walthur on their website scenario-selection.com. If you have half an hour, head over and check out their designs. Maybe it's me, but the site was a little slow to load the images, so you'll need 20-30 minutes to check everything out. Worth it! Here are a few of my faves.

City Apartment, 2005
with two working TFT-Sets with sound (tv and fireplace)

Seaside Apartment, 2006
also with two working TFT-Sets with sound

Kitchenette, 2009
I love the bike/people/car silhouette artwork on the wall.

Loung II Viola Style, 2009
I LOVE the use of beads to fill the glass vases and as candle stick holders on the coffee table. I also love the back wall art work. Great ideas!

(images from scenario-selection.com)


  1. Oh how nice that you discovered this nice site. I had a link to it on my blog for month.
    When I visited my first miniature fair in this summer, I only searched for modern minis - hard to find.
    But I succeded and met a very nice couple, they didn't allow me to make fotographs, but told me, they have a website with free downloads. They were very nice and we had a wonderful talk. They work together on the miniatures, it is their hobby after work!!!!
    I enjoy theses boxes!

  2. These roomboxes are so great!
    I have visited their website earlier after reading about it on Oese's blog. But as you say, the pages were a bit slow, so it was nice to see some of their work her as well! Thanks for sharing!


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