Friday, October 21, 2011

Ultimate Guest Room Getaway

I've been slow on blogging as most of my spare time for 4 months was trying to find a new place to live in a better school district. I imagined an extra bedroom for my minis, but living in the Bay Area, that won't happen for a few more years. So this is the only guest room we'll have for awhile.

A lot of PRD and minimodernistas, but another of my favorites is the Paul MacAlister "desk lamp". It's actually 1/2" scale, but looks perfect in 1:12 on a desk. I blogged about the 1/2" scale pieces from Paul MacAlister's estate on ebay here and here. I won a couple of sets on ebay. The seller was kind enough to send me a few extra pieces that were in need of repair, including the lamp. Thank you Robert! I will post more on those as soon as I get my miniatures unpacked.

I made a few things in the room. The circle art is copper gift tag pieces from a kit at my local craft store. The faux bamboo in the corner is a straw placemat cut up and placed in a copper plumbing piece from hardware store. The tall lamp is also pieces from hardware store with a ReMent waste basket inverted for the shade.

Pillow Talk.
In my collection of miniatures, I probably have more pillows and chairs than can ever fit in all my houses (not complaining, but I could have a showroom). I love being able to test out different pillows and see what works best for each room. These are all minimodernistas pillows, I can't get enough. I like the mix of patterns that add a punch of color, but the more solid pillows match the floor texture perfectly. I love them all.

Deets: minimodernistas: horizon night table, V-leg day bed sofa, pillows and smaller pillows on bed. PRD miniatures: M.U.T.T. custom platform bed, linens, large pillows and bolster, throw, M.U.T.T. floor mirror, M.U.T.T. bench, M.U.T.T. coffee table, painting and custom carpet flooring. Paul MacAlister 1/2" scale lamp. Wood turnings are Gilbert Mena and William Maranville. X10NY magazines. Shelf with drawers is an ebay find. Accessories are Kaleidoscope, ReMent, beads, and dollhouse show finds.


  1. un dormitorio fantatico. el sofa perfecto.

  2. Your guests can rest just looking at this room. It is wonderful. CM :)

  3. The color sceem(?) is great and it looks so real!

  4. Such a wonderful brush of autumnal colour. I love all the texture too...the fabrics, beads, furniture. Beautiful =0)

  5. That 1:24 lamp is AWESOME. Love it! Was there much repair you had to do? Also, do you know if he ever sold the room boxes? I don't think I ever saw them come up on eBay.

  6. It's a fabulous guest room. I love the clean lines. :)

  7. Virginia Isabel - muchas gracias!

    My Realitty - Thanks, I could totally vacation in it.

    Eliana - Thank you. Cool blog!

    Neomi - Glad you like it. It was a fun room to put together.

    Hey Pepper - I love the fall colors in miniature (looking around my house is definitely spring greens). The textiles are always fun to play with. :) Thanks!

    callsmall - The lamp actually didn't need repairs, I dug through some boxes last night and remembered the lamp and a few tables were in tact, there was a bench that needed a leg re-glued and some tiny end tables that needed a tad of glue. Most pieces were odds and ends he sent me. I don't recall seeing the room boxes, I actually had forgotten. I'll email him and see. I have to look into an email from a reader about seeing two of the room boxes at an antiques shop. Work, moving and unpacking have kept me so busy, I forgot all about them.

    Carmen gracias!

    Hi Dale Thanks, I was aiming for clean lines, glad it worked.

    mini smiles,

  8. Such beautiful pieces! And a great setup. And "ha ha", I'm glad that seller was friendly to you. Chuckles!

  9. Modern MC - thanks! It was the other seller; Robert had all of the 1:24 scale stuff, listed after the other 1:12 items went up. Glad you like the room, I just need doors and it will be all set. :)


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