Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mikro House on

Somehow I missed that Mikro Art was on sale at, too. The sale ends tomorrow morning, but the Mikro House is selling for $53. I first saw the house years ago on "Mikro World is a series of fold-up metal sculptures created by British artist Sam Buxton. Each piece folds from a single sheet of stainless steel that is just 0.01 inches thick and packaged flat with folding instructions. The Mikro House is one of the more elaborate designs in the series. Each wall folds out to create one room: a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom!" The details are pretty cool with little footprints in the shower and the bathroom shelves. Pretty impressive. I keep starring at the close up shots to imagine how it is all cut on one single sheet of steal. Here are some other really cool pieces of art.

If the sale page is down at, you can check out or for more information on Sam Buxton's work.

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  1. Hi...
    I am amazed!
    Thank you for showing this "Mikro Word" - Really Cool!


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