Thursday, October 27, 2011

Peter Tucker @ Good Sam

From Vancouver British Columbia, Peter Tucker and his wife Jeremie were back again this year. My photos of his lights weren't so hot, so I'm using these from his site. I loved his new chandeliers. Peter had made some of the table lamps with LEDs powered by watch batteries, so no need to deal with electrical.

I'm a sucker for "1-of-a-kind" so I bought this side/coffee table. I just used it in a room and will be posting soon (hopefully). It was a pleasure seeing Peter and Jeremie again. They are so nice and fun to talk with.

Peter's blog is a fun read with notes and tips building miniatures or you can find all of his work on his website here:

I really love his art deco inspired pieces and I adore his Nelson style modern bench. I'm looking forward to seeing Peter and Jeremie at the next show.

(top images from Peter Tucker,

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