Friday, October 7, 2011

Mini Mac by lilu by zuri

I am a Mac. When I saw these apple miniatures on lily by zuri I had to have them. As a web developer by trade, I spend so much time on my MacBook, I figured I might as well have a mini one. I love the packaging the laser cut glossy acrylic pieces come in, too. The pictures on etsy are WAY better, but I am loving my new laptop and ipad.
I couldn't choose which color iphone so I got both. Plus, I love the modern clocks, I got all three. Couldn't help it, they are so cute. I'm really impressed by the quality, especially at the price. Check out the lily by zuri etsy shop for more details at

...Farewell Steve Jobs, I don't know what I would be doing for a living without your innovation and vision. You will be missed.


  1. I'm re-purposing our old iMac for the Giant challenge and I think I need one of these. Do you think the laptop could work in 1:12? It looks tiny on the Blythe doll's lap.

  2. Lilacsmell - agreed, totally cute. :)

    Beth Lemon - The lilu macbook laptop is about 1.5 inches in width which would be about 18" wide in 1:12 scale. The real 17" macbook pro is 15.5" wide, so it is just a tad larger than 1:12 scale, but totally not noticeable and looks great in 1:12. I would get it for sure. I think they are just fabulous for the price.

    mini smiles,


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