Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kaleidoscope House minis on sale NOW!

Kaleidoscope House miniatures are up on Get them before they are gone. Prices range from $14.47 to $29.97 on the 13 different sets for sale.

At the present time Fab only ships to the US. For any of my readers abroad, shoot me an email and I might able to buy and ship to you. Email me at modernminifan @ (remove spaces).

Check out all of the items at:

Sale ends in 2 days 12 hours. :D

You can read more about Andrew, the guy who made this sale possible, in my previous post here.


  1. I just did some serious damage -- about $200. Happy Birthday to me!

  2. Fun stuff. Nothing like the now to begin a new mini-home! (LOVE your site! Thanks for all the info on fab finds!)

  3. Beth Lemon - I hit $200 too. Couldn't resist doubling up on some of these. I love the House Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, and the Art Collection 2 for the vases/urns. I bought another dining room set that I want to attempt to reupholster. Too many goodies. :)

    Roas - Welcome, glad you like the site! Mini-homes are the best! I just hope modern miniatures can keep hitting the main stream, so there will be more options out there.

    mini smiles,

  4. Wow - just stumbled across your site while Googling the KH project (I saw it on Fab today). LOVE this blog. Will be reading it this week. I've had a fascination with dollhouses since childhood and as a kid, always shunned the traditional houses in stores. I wanted 70's homes with bubble windows and solariums, not Victorian furniture :P I suppose my love of dollhouses led me to become an architect - heh heh. Who now writes a fashion blog. So glad I found your site! Cheers - Meg

  5. Thanks for pointing this out! I did some damage as well!


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