Monday, October 3, 2011

Almost FABulous Oct 8-11!

UPDATED 10/5: Tam toum pointed out that the sale is no longer up on the site. Fab took it down to add more pictures...but it's back up now.

There is a sneak peak of the Kaleidoscope House accessories and furniture on the upcoming sales section of The sale will be starting Saturday 10/08 11am ET - 10/11 11am ET. There are only a few photos so far, but all items will be listed once the sale starts. You can read more about the sale and Andrew in my previous post.

From "Kaleidoscope Toys, Designer Dollhouse Décor. Conceived for the Kaleidoscope House project, these dollhouse accessories feature some of the best names in art and design: Laurie Simmons, Karim Rashid, Jasper Morrison and Cindy Sherman, to name a few. Adults will love their collectability; kids will adore their fun appeal."

Save this URL to get directly to the sale page:

(all images from


  1. Can't wait! I have a credit too that I'm itching to spend ;)

  2. The sale page disappeared.Do you know what happened?

  3. WHAT!?!?! Tam toum, thanks for the heads up. I'm emailing Andrew now to see why they took it down. It was up yesterday, I'm not sure why it's missing now.


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