Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dreams Happen, Again

Every two years I drag my kids to the Stanford Shopping Center to torture them with playhouses on display that A. they can't play on and B. we could never afford to buy. Rebuilding Together Peninsula is a local non-profit organization that provides free repair services to low-income homeowners and community facilities that serve those in need. Their biennial fundraising event pairs local architects with builders to create these amazing over-the-top children’s playhouses. Truly unique, these custom playhouses blow the lid off most playhouses on the market. Since 1993 the Dreams Happen event has raised over $2.8 million, with playhouses auctioning from $13,000 to $71,000. You can see my past posts from 2009 and 2011 here.

Clubhouse Loft
This was one of my favorites. I love the mid century modern butterfly roof and the mix of building materials. My kids loved it too. It sold for $60,000.

Architect, Arcanum Architecture.
Builder, Behrens-Curry Homes.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

A Modern Point of View
My kids would have a hard time keeping me out of this playhouse if we owned it. I love the wrap around floor to ceiling glass window. It sold for $24,000.

Architect, Gary J. Ahern.
Builder, W.L. Butler Construction Inc.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

Mod Pod Time Machine
Playhouse? No, sorry kids, this would be my office, find someplace else to play.

Architect and Builder, Inhabiture Design.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

Safari Campout
Another playhouse too sophisticated for kids. I would be watering the plants and hanging out in the hammock. This beauty sold for $40,000.

Architect: Hayes Group Architects, Inc. & Morris Engineering.
Builder, South Bay Construction.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

Box.O.Matic 3000
I was really bummed we didn't get to see this one. The playhouses were spread out all over the shopping center and my kids we getting tired so we missed out on seeing this one. It sold for $11,000.

Architect, Ana Williamson Architect, AIA.
Builder, Mediterraneo Design Build.
Photo Credits: 1. Dean J. Birinyi Photography and 2 & 3. Janet Paik © 2013 Houzz

Peninsula Creamery

This was the other one we didn't see in person, if we had I don't I could have kept my kids out. Just look at all of the fun stuff to play with in this ice cream shop. Too cool! It sold for $33,000.

Architect, Square Three Design.
Builder, Pete Moffat Construction.
Photo Credits: 1. Dean J. Birinyi Photography, 2, 3 & 4 Square Three Design website.

Home Is Where the Heart Is
This colorful and playful house brought in $13,000.

Architect and Builder, Barbara Butler Artists-Builder, Inc.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

The Little Mountain Cabin
This adorable playhouse sold for $24,000.

Architect, Pacific Peninsula Architecture.
Builder, Pacific Peninsula Group.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

Ohana Hale
This Hawaiian getaway sold for $16,000.

Ohana Hale. Architect, Cara Kuroda Design.
Builder, Peninsula Custom Homes.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

The Red Barn
This little barn sold for $7,5000.

Architect, John Onken Architects.
Builder, Thor Construction.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

Home Base
My 6 year old is a huge SF Giants fan, so this was his favorite. The baseball bat ladder and all of the paraphernalia knocked this one out of the ball park. It was the home run of the auction breaking all previous records with a whopping $101,000 winning bid.

Architect, SDG Architects
Builder, Chesler Construction, Inc.
Photo Credits: 1. Dean J. Birinyi Photography and 2. Janet Paik © 2013 Houzz

Chateau Chien Doghouse
This was the first year I saw a mini playhouse. My kids thought it was so cute and couldn't understand why it was for a dog and not them.

Architect, Winges Architects, Inc.
Builder, Hooper Construction & Remodeling Inc.
Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.

Photo Credits: all photos without white chain by Dean J. Birinyi Photography, except when noted by Janet Paik © 2013 Houzz and Square Three Design website. The rest are from my cell phone, I forgot my camera at home :( D'oh!


  1. The red barn sounds like it was a bargain. My dog would love that doghouse. So cute.

  2. ya know it wouldnt take much to build your own's like building a dollhouse only bigger and before you scream at me..we can all come over and help you build it..well I can't I have this thing I have to go too but everyone else can :)

    1. Sadly we are still renting, otherwise we'd definitely have some playhouses in our yard. (one for the kids, and one for my dollhouses or two for dollhouses) :D

  3. Wow! These are all so much fun! :D

    1. They keep getting better every year. (or more accurately, every two years) ;)

  4. These houses will surely bring out the child in a person! Imagine the dollhouse play we could have in there!

    1. Oh I know, in my dream world, I would have one of the playhouses to display all of my dollhouses in. We'll maybe twice the size as these. :D


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