Sunday, August 11, 2013

MCHUCLA: Italianate House 1 by Lonni Paul and Adam Hunter

Here is another of the ten custom dollhouses featured in the Designer Dollhouse Showcase at the Kaleidocsope Ball that helped to raise almost $1.8 million for UCLA Mattel Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute. Here are more photos from Lonni Paul and Adam Hunter's Italianate House 1. Click on the images to enlarge.

Lonni Paul designed the entry, dining room, and great room. While living in Italy, she was drawn to the more modern interiors of centuries old homes and designed the house with a mix of timeless elegance and a modern Italian sensibility. The color scheme includes blues and silvers in the great room and an all red palette in the dining room. Adding to the elegance of the design, the great room includes wall coverings from Trove and David Sutherland, Rubelli fabric for windows and Donghia for the sofas and ottoman. The rooms’ furnishings consist of custom designed pieces including a Ralph Lauren for the bench fabric and Swarovski crystals on miniature lighting fixtures, illuminated by LEDs. The dining room showcases Sahco curtains and wall coverings from Innovations for the ceiling and Maya Romanoff for the remainder of the room. Credits go to California Acrylic Design, Holly Hunt, and GGNStudio for their contributions to the design.

Adam Hunter designed the second floor to include a master bedroom with master sitting room and a child's bedroom. Hunter uses lush fabric and rich textures to create bedrooms with an old European feel but with a modern influence. The master bedroom has a color palette of silver, grey, crème, and pale lavender, while the child's room is a combination of mint pistachio and hints of soft pink. Credits go to Gigin Studio, A Life in Miniature, Mod Pod Miniatures, Cufflinks Cowboy Boots for their contributions to the design.

Stephen Block contributed basic plants and landscape elements to the Italianate garden to help create a landscape that compliments the rustic charm of the European inspired home.

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For more pictures of the Italianate House 2 see the event coverage on

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  1. I love how these houses look super put together but all of them don't have any doors!

  2. Dear Megan
    Thanks for this report, I would have never known where to look my self!
    Did you all notice that many of the houses don't have a bathroom or a kitchen?
    This is part of the luxury we enjoy in the mini world.... the minis dont get hungry or dirty( OK some dust :-) )

    1. No stairs either. Can people fly in mini world? ;)

  3. You're right some of them dont have kitchens or bathrooms..You'd think that designers would add them (I guess they're subconciously telling the public that rich mansion owners dont eat or go to the toilet) other than that they're wonderful homes.


  4. Some of the other houses do have bathrooms and kitchens (and stairs). I think it was more of an architectural issue. The floor plan of this house doesn't have any clearly designed spaces for bathrooms or kitchen. The Italianate style of houses generally have more formal separate rooms and don't have kitchen/dining room combos so without a smaller separate room for a kitchen I can see it being period appropriate to leave it out. They were on a tight deadline. I think if more time allowed they could have added some more walls and partitioned off a bathroom and kitchen.

  5. Thanks for the report excited to see one of Cyd's chairs in the kids bedroom!

  6. Your modern house look fantastic. I love the style and colours. Hugs Kati

  7. I love the colors and the design of the house. It looks fabulous. But I can't imagine on cleaning the house. Its so big. Keep on posting.
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  8. I think it was more of an architectural issue. The floor plan of this house doesn't have any clearly designed spaces for bathrooms or kitchen. I agree with this comment. Keep up the good work.
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