Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 poster heaven

I need this in full size. I love my new 4 Poster Bed by minimodernistas. The height of the frame really fills the room and allows for great shots from every angle. Doris is also experimenting with these planter boxes/shelves/display cases, whatever you want to use them for. I took two and added small gravel from the hobby shop in the landscape section, then inserted faux bamboo and plants to create the planters. I like the texture they bring to the room.

Da deets: minimodernistas: 4 Poster Bed, linens, pillows, ribbon lamp, planter boxes, pharmacy floor and desk lamps. PRD Miniatures: painting, Mantao Area Rug, flat screen TV, silver thin profile wall mirror, white slice vortex end table. maryann roy: room divider and bead accessories on dresser. Starbucks mug gift from mini2B. 2 portraits are a gift from Shale. Orchid in pot and paper box made by minisdecris. Reac Barcelona Chair. Kaleidoscope House books and repainted vases. Chrome side tables and low modern dressers from ebay. Repainted Petite Princess Buddha. Elephant and metal box are miniature show finds.

I always like to see the whole picture, so here is a shot of the entire room. I think the lines of the bed work well with my thin windows. I have yet to secure the windows in place, as I like to remove them so I can take shots from different angles without any distortion from the actual window pane. More Antrim pics to come. :)


  1. That bed is indeed marvelous! :D

  2. very inspiring scene! I love the four poster bed and the planters!

  3. It looks like real,I love it! Jeannette

  4. Una habitación preciosa y muy moderna, me encanta.

  5. Ooo La La! It looks fab! Love all the accessories. CM

  6. preciosa cama con esas aspidistras delante, me encanta.
    Un abrazo


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