Friday, August 5, 2011

Antrim Living Room II. Maryann Roy.

Welcome Home. Finally. I bought this living room set from Maryann Roy last April, and 4 months later... well sorry, but sadly I have even older posts on my blog post to do list. I'll get there, bare with me.

The Shopping Sherpa blogged about Maryann's work last year. Although known for her incredible 1:6 playscale furniture and designs, Maryann was lured to the dark side and made some neo-retro 1:12 scale suites! This living room suite, blogged about here, was inspired by the Japanese Rooms-in-Miniature set that Call of the Small blogged about. Maryann was so taken by the chair and sofa, she thought she'd take a stab at a Japanese inspired set.

I plan to put these in another house, but as that is still under construction, I wanted to show these off before it takes another half year. It's funny because I'm not a huge fan of orange in my own home, but in miniature it is one of my favorites. I love the orange fabric on the sofa and chair and I love how Maryann used a bead for the base of the table lamp. I think the Japanese inspired set makes a pretty chic modern room.

These two pictures were taken from inside the house. Another "D'oh!" moment as the painting and one of the ceiling lamps is crooked, the chaise is turned flat to the wall instead of towards the room, and then jeez there is my entire messy garage in the background of the other one. Unkempt indeed, but still a cool shot into the dining room and kitchen.

Da deets: maryann roy: sofa, chair, solid green pillows, room divider, coffee table, end table, bead accessory on table, lamp on end table.
minimodernistas: rug, ribbon lamp, ball clock, other pillows and horizon night table.
PRD Miniatures: painting, large rust pot with verde plant, custom fireplace, leather chaise, M.U.T.T. floor mirror, kitchen and dining room furniture.
Others: ceiling lamps and tall plant behind couch are made by me, vases and accessories picked up at miniatures show, magazines from X10NY Miniature Art.

You can read more about Maryann Roy and her "Neo-Retro Furnishings for today's Fashion Dolls" on her website (, or follow her work on her blog "Welcome Home" at Or read my other blog posts on her 1:12 work here.

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  1. The fabric/color on the sofa and chair are to die for! I love the sharp lines, too. Very swanky.


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