Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why can't this be 1:12 scale?

How cute is this modern A-frame dollhouse? I want it so bad, but sadly it is 1:24 scale. :( Here's the description on ebay from seller ianpatricknally:

Materials: 1/8" white acrylic A-frame structure, 3/16" corrugated plastic (colored), and removable 1/8" clear plexiglass façade, etched to emphasize 4-foot (2 inch at scale) design module.

Layout (front to back) includes front porch, living room, kitchen, dining room, back porch, bedroom and rear balcony.

1' = 0' 1/2"
Roughly 12"x10"x10"


  1. I know you would be able to use it somehow if you got it. :-)

  2. Hi Mini Dork! Perhaps you can try to make this yourself in 1:12 scale? But this kind of "roof" shape you can use it for any house project. In the 1:24 scale you can do a lot with this beauty, I think.
    Hugs, Ilona

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