Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tom Bishop SF Miniatures Show

My Realitty and I both attended the Tom Bishop SF Bay Area Miniatures Show, but missed each other by a few minutes. She posted here on her trip. There were some great, high quality miniatures, but I knew it was going to be a small show, so I wasn't expecting much modern. Here are some of the pieces I enjoyed:
My favorites were the handblown glass by Ferenc Albert. How you make decanters like these, I have no idea. Just stunning. I loved the tumblers and assortment of stemware. The perfume bottles were so delicate. I bought the large oversized green vase looking piece next to the perfume bottles, its a demijohn used in the brewing process in the back in the day (THANKS GLENDA!) If I have a bar in a future house I will have to get some of the glassware and decanters. Plus, I loved the Chemistry set (my husband is a bio chem engineer, so our garage used to look like this before I took it over with minis).

Ferenc & Lilla Albert
Marco Island, FL
T: 239-642-2357
E: fermma (at)

Gilbert Mena "Fine Art & Furniture in Miniature" had some beautiful wood turnings out of burl wood.

Gilbert & Jeanette Mena
Valencia, CA
T: 661-259-5350
E: gilmena (at)

Magic-n-Miniature had a ton of stuff, but I liked their acrylic and wood turnings the most.

Suzan & Charles Harville
Batesville, AR
T: 870-569-4417
E: charles (at)

I used to be a swing dance instructor so my toes started tapping when I saw these phonographs. When I get around to a mid century modern dollhouse I'll have to pick up one of the suitcase phonographs.

Golden State Phonographs
Trish & Ben Weber
Watsonville, CA
T: 831-262-4571

The next mini meet up will be better planned so we don't miss each other, but the 2010 Good Sam Show is the largest exhibit of dollhouse miniatures west of the Mississippi, so we will likely get split up again. Save the date: Oct 9-10 in San Jose, CA!


  1. What fine minis!!
    I have a few pieces by Ferenc Albert (from SP Miniatures) including the big green bottle. It is a demijohn or carboy - they were used in the brewing process in the past. It would make a fabulous modern vase though!!
    I love his glaswares :)

    Thanks so much for the pics and links!

  2. Parece que has disfrutado en esta feria. Muy buenas compras. Gracias por las fotos de estos buenos miniaturistas. Clara

  3. Thank you for sharing, I really wanted to take a closer look of Ferenc Albert's work after seeing the photos on Carol's blog, and now I got the chance! His work is extraordinary beautiful! I love the green bottle/vase you bought, and wouldn't mind one of his delicate perfumebottles either :-)

    The acrylic and wood turnings look great as well!

  4. Glenda
    Thank you so much! Demijohn!! That's what he said. I bought this early on and completely forgot what he called it when I got home. Thank you!!! Do you have photos of it up on your blog? I'm planning to put it in next to the fireplace in the K House.

    Usted es la mayoría la bienvenida para las fotos. El espectáculo fue muy divertido. :D
    (Traducido con Google Translator)

    Once I chose the color scheme for my bathrooms, I'd love to get a couple of these perfume bottles. His work is truly impressive.

    Mini smiles,

  5. Saved the October date! We'll have to be like CB truckers..."Mini buyer one, this is Mini buyer 2, do you copy??? I am at the Minimodernista booth and need to be restrained, Over". :)C

  6. I wanted to attend the Tom Bishop show but decided not to drag my children home from their vacation! So the Good Sam Show is a must!

  7. Thanks for the pictures, those are amazing mini artists.
    Good Sam show?! That looks fun. I want to make one of these:

  8. Hey C
    We will definitely not miss each other for Good Sam Show! Although, I can't promise to help restrain you from MiniModernistas booth. :P

    We'll plan a meet up time, if you want to meet a few of us modern Bay Area collectors. It is definitely a must!

    Mini Pig
    Looking forward to seeing you at the Good Sam show too. That workshop looks like it would be fun.

    Mini smiles,

  9. Trying to locate Charles Harville. I made a large arcade room box that he stole from me. I'm trying to recover it any help would be appreciated. Reward


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