Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jusali Scan Dollshouse

Justin, a CAD Technician from Bristol, sent me pictures of a modern dollhouse he is building for his daughter. Here is the proto-type of the "Jusali Scan Dollshouse" in 1:12 scale. Jus, as many of us, is a working full time parent and hobbiest on the side. He hopes to finish it for Christmas. He designs his houses by computer aided design so getting them manufactured will be a lot easier than cutting them in his shed. He has future plans for more designs and producing them as either self assembly kits or fully assembled houses.

I asked Jus about what got him started in minis...
"I have been a frustrated Artist/Sculptor/Designer since I can remember but have never found a medium that has given me as much excitement as designing houses. I could have studied Architecture but I’m not interested in the process of Architecture only the conceptualisation, if you get my drift? My daughter of course kick started the idea and once I got started I knew I had found a medium for my creative outlet at last!

The catalyst and a luxury I have spent years trying to achieve was my shed, I designed it bespoke and finally finished it last summer, this is my space and I can indulge my OCD type tendencies with gay abandon. It's got all the mod cons, sound system, PC, TV, all salvaged from skips, clearouts etc. It's even fully insulated with double glazing so not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter."

I love his house, but am even more envious of his shed. Thanks for sharing Jus. We'll look forward to seeing the house finished.

(all images from Justin A. in Bristol UK)


  1. doris/minimodernistasAugust 1, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    Hey you,
    Your blog gets better and better...what's next? An Eichler dollhouse in 1:12?? A girl can always hope & pray. So is this new goodie in 1:12? Looks like it.

  2. Everyone needs a room of their own! This one is fabulous. The doll house is wonderful too, I love the slant of the roof and the large windows.
    It never ceases to amaze how many people are out there doing this! Thanks for showing us Minidork. C

  3. Rats! He was on my list of people to profile: well done for getting the scoop :-)

  4. Doris
    Yes, this house is 1:12. Ahhh, many have searched but none have found an Eichler dollhouse. Last year, Modern MC got an email from from someone thinking about producing a house in that style, but I'm sure if that happens she'll be the first to know. Man I would love that house!

    Almost as good as yours but without your view! ;) When I started this it was so hard to find stuff like this and now its coming out of the woodwork. Come on modern mini fans, let's take over the dollhouse market!!! Hey, I can dream.

    D'oh, that's a first! :P How did you find him? Justin sent me his photos, otherwise I wouldn't have known. Who else is on your list? ;)

    Mini smiles,

  5. Justin's reason for the passion of minis is the same as mine... I just love the conceptual aspect of architecture and dollhouses is just a means to an end of satisfying it!

    So... does Justin have a website? If not, he should start one so I can stalk him, er, I mean subscribe to his site =D

  6. I love that house. Nice work Jus!

  7. Thanks for putting me up M!
    Also thanks for the positive comments a real boost!
    I'm really pushing ahead with this over the weekend. Finally got the frames cut for the sliding windows! Routing the grooves was a real challenge but I didn't lose any fingers!
    Working on the flooring and window frames next!


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