Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Target is selling Lundby?!?

I was surfing on Target.com to see if they were still selling the Loft to Love Dollhouse (they are but still not the furniture), when lo and behold what do I see... Lundby! Target is selling limited supplies of the Lundby Smaland Doll's House $99.95 and the Lundby Garden Bundle $128.75. It's exciting to see more modern dollhouse and big chain stores like Target. I really wish this was an indicator that they might start selling some furniture to go with them. Come on Target, let's get modern!


  1. That would be awesome news! Though the kicker question is - which version? Think in the US, they're still selling the one where the kitchen/dining area are still two separate rooms. Then there's the version in Europe where the dining/kitchen is one huge room (and different wallpapers). Be interesting where this goes!

  2. this is good news! hopefully they'll sell the furniture too



  3. I just got the loft from the US. But if you're Canadian, Mastermind Toys (mastermindtoys.com) sells the full Lundby line! They also sell the loft and the furniture. It's the only place that I've seen it in store (online too) in Canada.

  4. oh boy! Good news and bad! Now, I have to start looking into working on my Lundbys... I have to finish the other zillion projects first! LOL

  5. I noticed that too when I was looking at the Lori Loft! Too bad the Lundby houses are 1:16 scale not 1:12.

  6. this is good news! hopefully they'll sell the furniture too
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