Friday, February 6, 2015

What happened to The House that Jacq Built?

2021 Update: Jacq's daughter added this comment but I accidentally deleted it when cleaning up spam. It looks like it's down again now, but keep an eye out there for Jacq's work.

I finally updated my where to buy modern minis page and I was sad to see The House that Jacq Built is no more. The website doesn't work and I can't find any info online:

This was my old listing for him, does anyone know what happened to him/his business?

The House That Jacq Built
Hertfordshire, UK

The House That Jacq Built offers an ever-increasing selection of 1:12 scale modern and contemporary furniture and accessories for miniature collectors. Their designs are based on the styles of furniture seen in today's homes, and they aim to produce quality handmade items that add realism to the dolls house.

I loved so much of his work and was sad to see the website gone. UK people, did Jacq used to go to your miniature shows? I'm curious if anyone knows if he moved on from miniatures or what happened.

UPDATED 2/7: Thanks so much for the info Penelope and My Wee Life. Jacqueline is now selling on ebay at the store here:

And D'oh!!!! I thought Jacq was a dude, I just guessed it was a Frenchy spelling of Jack, but it's actually Jacqueline!! Faceplam. That makes much more sense.


  1. Looks like another seller has succumbed to the rescession. I've never seen him at any of the miniature shows but he may have appeared at the small, independant fairs =0/

  2. So I think that she now sometimes sells on Ebay under seller ID: jacqueline4514JacqsModernDollsHouse

    I bought a modern baby changing table from her.

  3. I was just going to say that she sells on EBay now, I've had a couple of things from her

  4. Great stuff! Too bad she has scaled down so much. None of these great things are available right now :-(

  5. Hi guys,

    'Jacq' is actually my Mum! She changed careers in 2014 after 12 years of painstaking miniature work! She has said that she will soon making a limited edition whole room set to go on eBay in the near future so keep your eyes peeled! It's great to see so much supoort is still around for the house that jacq built, thank you!

  6. Hello there, me again!

    After a conversation with my Mum, she is looking at the possibility of training some other people to make her items so that she can launch the house that jacq built again. She can only do this is if she can get people willing to work for her at a very high standard as she no longer has the time with her new business. If you are interested please email
    Many thanks x

  7. I was gutted when I could no longer buy her items. It is very difficult to buy modern furniture and especially to such a high standard. I hope the business is up and running again soon under her guidance. All the best x


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