Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DWR annual Champagne Chair Contest finalists announced

Here are the 10 finalists for the annual DWR
Champagne Chair Contest
. The winners will be announced on February 11th.

Dima - it really swivels
Ryan Bromm
Alison B.
Rick Arrowood
Cici Stevens
David Ryan
D. Jason Crowder
Jeffrey Burke Whitten
Zach Martin

Comments are still open if you want to go vote for your favorites: blog.dwr.com/2015/01/28/meet-the-finalists/

This year DWR is recognizing the entries that look like miniature versions of the chairs they sell. The judges rarely choose these entries as finalists because they aren't original designs, but they are going to send prize to one of these creators.You can cast your vote for best likeness here: http://blog.dwr.com/2015/01/23/cast-your-vote-for-best-likeness/

Louis Ghost by Nicole
Eames Lounge and Ottoman by Barbara Dalbey Whitehill
Eames Rocker (RAR) by Amie Barder

Marshmallow Sofa by The Bearded Man
Shell Chair by Francisco Marmolejo
Egg Chair by Gabriel C.

Thonet Era Chair (with cane seat!) by Glaysher
Eames Chair by Keven Walter
Corbu's LC2 with Arco Lamp by anonymous

Eames Stool A by Myla
Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair by Tak
Wassily Chair by VCP:B3

Marais Chair by Danielle Suppa

Really outstanding work this year. Check out all of the submissions here: dwr.com/champagnechair. Winners announced Feb 11, 2015.


  1. There are some great designs in the Champagne Chair Contest! I do have a favorite (Dima) and I'm looking forward to see who will win!

  2. Amazing entries again. I do like the 'Piper' one...so close to me having a personalised chair hee-hee. Favourite has to be the Dima one though =0)

  3. Well I did try to vote, but I coul not unless I sign, which means I have to grant access to my email address, friends list etc. I hate that and I won't do it. So here is the reply I wrote:

    I like the chairs by Dima and Cici most. The Dima chair for it's nice lines, texturing, use of material and the inbuilt swivel feature. An active chair which still looks comfortable enough to curl up and read a book in. The Cici chair for the original use of material and the immediate association I get with champagne. Not practical but an explosion of fun.

  4. Great creative ideas! Ma favourite is Amy's

  5. I'm always so blown away with these entries. David Ryan's looks super comfy and plush, fit for some relaxing in the sun ;)


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