Sunday, September 15, 2013

MCHUCLA: Contemporary Beach House 1 by Jeffrey Alan Marks and Elizabeth Dinkel

Here is one of the 10 custom dollhouses featured in the Designer Dollhouse Showcase at the Kaleidocsope Ball that helped to raise almost $1.8 million for UCLA Mattel Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute. This is the Contemporary Beach House 1 by Jeffrey Alan Marks and Elizabeth Dinkel. Click on the images to enlarge.

Jeffrey Alan Marks designed the first floor, including a dining room, kitchen, living room, and gym, in his now signature color scheme of breezy blues. The design features custom dollhouse furniture modeled after Marks’ actual furniture line with Palecek, with the living room including Marks’ “Spindrift Sofa”, “Spindrift Chair”, “Brockton Coffee Table” and “Bryant Lounge Chairs” and the gym utilizes Marks’ “Wind & Sea Folding Screen” to create a private massage area. In addition to the Miniature versions of Jeffrey’s Palecek Furniture, the living room includes a custom wool and silk area rug inspired by vintage Fortuny fabric and provided by Decorative Carpets, while the private massage room includes walls covered in custom de Gournay “Fish” wallpaper, replicating Jeffrey’s personal kitchen and two massage tables covered in Cowtan & Tout Linen. Credits go to PRD Miniatures, Monte Allen, Cowtan & Tout, Decorative Carpets, and Larsen for their contributions to the design.

Elizabeth Dinkel designed the second floor combining the spare and minimalist elements of a modern beach house with the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean as her backdrop. Her design features clean, modern white lines paired with the some of the more organic tones found in the natural world. She designed the space with a professional art collecting couple who use their house to escape city life and catch their breath in mind. Her intent was to design a house that is sophisticated architecturally but not too fussy or overly serious.

I pretty much want everything in this house. The architectural deisgn of this house won me over with that open staircase. Not ideal for kids or drinking house guests, but why sacrafice saftey for stlye? (It's only a model). How many pieces of PRD Miniatures and minimodernistas can you find? The heartbreak of this house, is there weren't any good pictures of the bathroom. I can see glimpses of a custom PRD Miniatures bathroom suite, but I want to see more! Next year, I'll have to go in person to see all of the amazing details.

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  1. I must say that I love the overall outer appearance of these houses although I don't really get that garage and car on the second floor thing! the way the house look is gorgeous

    1. And did anyone notice the freaking col walk in closet Next to the bathroom .. sigh* they do know how to make a girl happy

    2. Yeah i dont get that either, but other than that i do very much adore this house

  2. Replies
    1. All the houses were sold at the charity auction for over $10,000+ each. I'm guessing none of the houses will be on the market anytime soon.

  3. Very good plans for home decoration.


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