Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Everything is not bigger in Texas

My Mr. is so glad we don't live in Texas right now, as we really don't have any room for another dollhouse. This pick up only one of a kind gem is on ebay. Only a 28 hour drive away, I will alas have to admire this from afar.


Here are the seller details:
This dollhouse was loosely modeled after a design in a vintage Sunset book from 1967, and is definitely one of a kind. It was built completely by me over the past few months, using birch plywood and real glass tiles. The ground floor has a covered carport, entry, living room and kitchen. The upstairs has 2 large bedrooms, with a 3rd, smaller bedroom or nook area, a large bathroom, and a terrace/deck with a pool. The main house is 20" x 20", with the garage and patio adding a rectangle of 13" x 10". So the longest part of the house - the back, is 33" total. The plexiglass pieces are removable for easier access. Due to the size, it is available for local pick-up only. Please keep in mind that this is a large item, and shipping could get really expensive, depending on where you live.

I love this kitchen!!! I wish I could bid, but logistics are not in my favor. Anyone driving distance from Spring, Texas?
Ebay listing: www.ebay.com/itm/Modern-Contemporary-Dollhouse-OOAK-/321204241021


  1. Ahhh! I love modern dollhouses but sometimes they seem too open concept with not enough divided spaces. But this, this is amazing! The floor plan is perfect! Thanks for sharing, something to dream about and perk up the rest of the day ;)



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