Saturday, November 7, 2009

Modernist Wood Dollhouse

So, er um, yeah, my apologies... I have a back log of posts to get up, but until kid #2 starts sleeping through the night, my hours of sanity are limited, so sorry for the disappearing act.

Simple house, I like the sliding doors on each side. I hope it finds a modern enthusiast's home. I'd love to see this place decked out.

Details: This modernist wooden dollhouse features sliding doors/panels to each of its four sides. It's designer and maker are unknown. It's selling for $350 at Design Smith Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.
Dimensions: 28-3/4" x 23" x 22-1/4" high
Condition: Very good + condition, a couple of faint child's marks

(All images from Design Smith Gallery

Update: Heard back from David G. Smith and he unfortunately has no information about possible origins or builder; also that it has been sold.


  1. MC - Thanks! Hope you are doing well. We miss you! :)

    Callsmall - Thank you for the similar ebay find! I google translated the page and the most interesting part was in the notes after the seller visited a doll house shop to find more info.

    The rough translation looks like doll house is Dora Kuhn's "Stuttgard" and the furniture is a combination of Bodo Hennig and Dora Kuhn's.

    "After a lot of questions that I could not answer, unfortunately, I was yesterday in a doll shop, and have let me know any information about my dolls.

    The doll itself is of Dora Kuhn and bears the name Stuttgard, it comes from the 80s.
    The bedroom and the children are from Bodo Hennig as well as many other items
    The other rooms of Dora Kuhn as other items.

    Information about Dora Kuhn
    Dora Kuhn - Upper Bavarian folk art workshops, Fischbachau

    Since 1912, when Dora Kuhn with attention to detail and craftsmanship made doll furniture."

  2. I found an ad of 1987 in a German Toy Catalogue and put it in may flickr account:
    Not so very expensive then...


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