Friday, November 6, 2009

Clearview House on sale

Clearview House by MIAIM Miniature Design & Architecture is how I envisioned customizing the Antrim Modern Kit I bought. I love the balconies, all of the windows and the front door. They dropped the price to around $650 US + shipping from UK.

Clearview has a stunning, unique layout with features including modern windows, balconies and roof terrace. I love the designer glass paneled double doors entrance. Its a 1 bedroom 1 bath town house. Comprising of open plan stairs, 2 glass fronted balconies, 1 single and 2 double sliding doors and full length windows throughout that allow a "Clearview" through the house at almost any angle. The roof terrace has access from the top floor seen here as the bed room.

Dimensions: The base of Clearview is 80cms (31 1/2") wide. The House is 77cms (Appx 30 1/4") wide, 79.5cms (Appx 31") high and 46cms (Appx18") deep.

MIAIM is a new small company with one designer, one technical manager and one manufacturer. Focused on designs after 1900, they intend to design from 1920’s Art Deco through every decade and into the future. I really like their idea of bringing "dolls houses back in fashion ... by simply making them more fashionable". I hope the can continue to bring more modern, contemporary designs to market.

(All images from MIAIM Miniature Design & Architecture


  1. drool ;-)
    this is my dream house! It is so lovely!
    I never get tired of looking at pictures of it, thanks for sharing x

  2. Does anyone know where I can find plans for an art deco miniature dollhouse?


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