Saturday, January 5, 2008

Furniture I like

I love this 3 piece modern bedroom set by Little Linens available for $45 from Circus Dollhouse.

I wouldn't call it modern and not exactly contemporary but I love this couch. The "Cosmo" Living Room Set is available for $59.95 at The Magical Dollhouse.

"Contempo" Leather Living Room Set in white or black would probably be better, but I really like the arms of the "Cosmo" set.

(Bed image from Couch images from

Jan. 16 Update: Thanks Anonymous for the link! This couch and chair are incredible, except for the price and color. The Modern Chair and Sofa set By Arlette runs for $320 on

I love these coffee tables. The Nagouchi table on the right and bench table on left run for $33. Leather and brass furniture are $45 for sofa and $33 for chair. All at as well.

(Jan. 16 update images from


  1. I've been to that site before but quickly left as the navigation is not the easiest to search through. Thanks so much for this great link! That couch is fabulous. I'm digging those coffee tables as well. I'll have to add these pictures.


  2. Oooh! That leather and brass furniture is making my fingers itch to do a second 1:16 house.

    How goes the rehab of your old dollhouse? Inquiring minds need to see progress to applaud!

  3. Oops, 1/16 update was meant to be Jan. 16, after anonymous' post. The leather and brass furniture is actually 1/12 scale, so luckily no need to switch scales.

    After your email, I retreated to the garage and got back to work. Thanks for the motivation. :)


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