Sunday, December 30, 2007

Designer's go playground

"Designer's go playground", is a dollhouse and furniture conecept by textile designer Sari Syväluoma and furniture designer Johan Ørbeck Aase that was at the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair).

Sari Syväluoma from Finland and Norwegian Johan Ørbeck Aase exhibited a modular dollhouse system that can turn into a complete play area. “It’s a play system based on architectural boxes in miniature,” says Aase. “It’s not as ready-made as a regular dollhouse and therefore more open for a child’s imagination. And when your child outgrows it, you can use the boxes as bookshelves or for storing toys. We worked on the idea for two years, and decided to participate in this fair 3-4 months ago. We are looking for manufacturers, as this is only a prototype.” (quoted from Nordic Reach)

(First image from Kids Modern Blog. All smaller images from Johan Ørbeck Aase's website.)

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