Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MCHUCLA: Modern House 1 by Natasha Baradaran and Waldo Fernandez

This is one of my favorites of the 10 custom dollhouses featured in the Designer Dollhouse Showcase at the Kaleidocsope Ball that helped to raise almost $1.8 million for UCLA Mattel Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute. Here are more photos of Modern House 1 by Natasha Baradaran and Waldo Fernandez. Click on the images to enlarge.

Natasha Baradaran designed the first floor, containing a terrace, kitchen/dining area, family room, and powder room in a coastal color story of coral, turquoise and white for a modern take on beach chic paired with an elevated sophistication and unexpected edge. Through the creation of a custom dining table, imagined from a piece of a gate, stone-inspired fabric from Beacon Hill envisioned as a custom carpet, and Trove wall covering for a punch of pattern, Baradaran was able to accomplish a sophisticated twist on the classic beach chic vibe. Credits go to Holly Hunt, Beacon Hill, and Larsen through Cowtan & Tout for their contributions to the design.

Waldo Fernandez designed the second and third floors, containing two patios, two balconies, a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a master suite and bath. The design has a light airy feeling created by the dominantly neutral color palette and splashes of color throughout. Surprise touches of mid-century modern furniture and art custom made by PRD Miniatures and minimodernistas keep the design fresh.

The only thing I hate, is that the photographer did not take any close up shots of the interior. The following photos are just zoomed in and cropped shots from the original images. I apologize for the quality but I had to show more details of this incredible house. Next year I hope to go and take the shots I want.

Kitchen + 3 bathrooms! This house was designed to be lived in (except the lack of stairs). What I love most is how seemlessly the designers worked together. The rooms blend into a cohesive design throughout the whole house. All of the PRD Miniatures and minimodernistas work so well paired together. I want to own everything in this house! (Well and the house too).

Here are some more exterior and zoomed out shots.

Publicity information provided by bluPRint. All photography by Jon Hugstad.

Even more pictures of the Modern House 1 can be found here on

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  1. Good thing I dont own this...I would be looking at it and playing with it all day. LOL!

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  3. I want to own it too, only i'm afraid that it will make my own house look like a dump! Haha next great idea invent a schrink ray so that i can live in the house of my dreams. I love how the style of the house is so in touch with each other you would never guess that there where two people working on it. Plus I have to give my props about the solar panels on the roof it totally matches the interior look

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