Friday, August 5, 2011

Antrim Living Room I. Very Cool.

One of these days I'll catch up on posts, but the next series will be different arrangements in the living room. I've been playing around with some new minimodernistas furniture and rugs in the Antrim living room. Doris' pixel chair is one of my favorites and I love her cheeky pillow: "Very cool." (click on the middle picture to read the the text on the white pillow on the pixel chair). Too cute.

Da deets: minimodernistas: v-leg day bed sofa, pixel chair & ottoman, pillows, green ottoman, ball clock, ribbon lamp, pharmacy floor lamp, both rugs in living room and horizon night table.
PRD Miniatures: M.U.T.T. coffee table with spring leg, painting, large rust pot with verde plant, custom fireplace, leather chaise, M.U.T.T. floor mirror, kitchen and dining room furniture.
Others: ceiling lamps and tall plant behind couch are made by me, vases and accessories picked up at miniatures show, magazines from X10NY Miniature Art.

This is one of those photos that makes me yell "D'oh"! I always forget to fix stuff in the background. I was photographing the table and chairs at the same time and forgot to put the chairs back, making the dining room look very unkempt. Sigh. I usually leave the photos on my camera for weeks, finally download onto my computer, but by the time I go to post them online, I've already changed of the room and can't go back and retake the picture. Nobody's perfect. :)

For more information on the artists' work featured here please visit and


  1. This photo looks great and until I've read what you have written , I didn't even notice!

  2. Thanks Neomi! It's actually my favorite shot of the room, and I didn't notice at first either until I was deciding which picture to put first. Next time I will make sure the chairs are tucked back in. :D

  3. Lookin' good, Megan! It's so great to see this floor come together so nicely. And I like all of your photos, too!

  4. They don't sell anymore the green ottoman , do they ?

  5. Thanks Callsmall!!! Progress is happening. Slowly. :)

    Hi Tam toum,
    The green ottoman isn't up on the website now, but if you email Doris she might be able to make you one if she still has the fabric in stock. minimodernistas @ (remove the spaces). I'll be talking with her on Sunday so I'll ask if she happens to have any already made and if we'll be adding them to the website.

    mini smiles,

  6. I think these modern furniture is fantastic! Really love the dining table and the chairs!

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