Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Citadel by Lolly's

The Citadel is one of my favorite houses. I saw an add for this in a really old Miniature Collectors magazine and more recently on I called Lolly's Dollhouse Shop yesterday to confirm, and sadly they are still waiting for a woodcutter before resuming production. Possibly by the end of the year. I'm tempted to fly to Chicago and cut the wood myself. If you are in the Chicago area I'd drop by and ask them when its back. Maybe enough pre-orders can help find a woodcutter faster.

On the back right shelf is a white version of the Citadel. (Sigh) I really want it.

Lolly's Dollhouses and Miniatures
1054 Dundee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60120
(847) 697-4040

(Citadel Dollhouse image from Shop images from Lolly's website


  1. Lolly's is actually MY local dollhouse shop.

    I've seen the Citadel up close - it truly IS a very unique (and modern) dollhouse.

    I actually thought it had been discontinued but, Lolly told me the same thing - that the wood strip siding needs to be specially cut apparently.

    However, Lolly may be willing to sell you the Citadel model that they have out for display - couldn't hurt to ask.

  2. I live in Lakeland, FL and I have a Citadel kit that I am willing to sell to finance my Beading habit. It is currently together but I think it could be taken apart. The ceiling is "popcorned" and I have all the directions. I haven't done much except the ceiling, so you would have the fun of doing what you want to it still. If you wish to contact me, please email me at

  3. I have been to Lollys shop every year when I go to the Tom Bishiop show and every time I ask for the kit or the plans and she obviusly dosn't want to re do the kits. To bad for her . We are quite a bunch who would like to get one. We are 2 in france.
    I resently found another modern dollshouse kit in England and I will probably end up with that one. It is different but as great.
    The website to see it is

  4. Anonymous -
    I LOVE the link. Thanks I'll be posting on it soon. I am completely jealous of your annual trips to Tom Bishop shows.

    When I spoke with Lolly, it all comes down to finding a wood cutter, and that is no easy task. I currently have a pile of scrap wood that is all that remains of an original dollhouse I tried to build. Cutting the wood is a lot harder than I first imagined. I'm putting my plans on hold until I can afford to buy some serious shop equipment for wood making. Or I just stick with kits for awhile.

  5. I actually have this dollhouse in white stucco which I bought when I lived in Tucson, AZ. I would love to get it in the wood as well! I absolutely LOVE this house.

  6. Arlethia, PLEASE send pictures of your Citadel, or add them to the flickr pool, we'd love to see them!


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