Saturday, April 18, 2015

10% Off Sale on my modern minis at Shapeways

Here's what I've been up to! Check out my new designs and metal modern accessories in my shop: ModernMiniHouses. I'll blog more when I get back from the Chicago International miniatures show.

Shapeways is having a site wide sale. Enjoy 10% off of your next Shapeways order, use code THANKYOU10 at checkout valid on any order through next Monday, April 20th.


  1. These are all Fabulous accessories for the modern mini home. Initially, I thought the above picture was a Real Life inspiration photo, then I saw that it was your miniatures! WOW! Your stuff is GOOD!


  2. So basically I will have to go on a mini shopping spree now. These are perfect! I've been looking for modern knickknacks to fill out my scenes and make them more lifelike. I love the orb and the circle art piece.


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