Sunday, November 23, 2014

Any builders in New Jersey area?

I have someone looking for help to assemble this 4-Story Miniatures Showcase and 3-Story Miniatures Showcase from Real Good Toys. If you know anyone able and interested to assemble these kits that is near Ocean County New Jersey please contact me and I'll connect you with the interested party. modernminifan @


  1. Awww you just made me homesick! I am from Ocean County NJ. I wish them lots of luck on this really cool house.
    If they would like have them contact me on my blog and email me. I would love to talk New Jersey doll talk. I wonder if he/she remembers the doll booth in the indoor flea market I used to go to!

    1. On no, I've been gone so long I forgot the name of your blog! When I click on your name it goes to your profile, but it only shows the blogs you're following not your blog. Can you send me a link to refresh my memory?


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