Monday, April 14, 2014

It's here!!! MiPad is now available!!!!

Miaim is back and open for business!! Elaine Shaw has finally brought her dream to reality, hoping to make your dreams a reality too.

"Build your miniature dream home.
Elaine's idea was to make what can be an expensive hobby more affordable, so she developed this new and exciting system to build a dolls house just the way you want it.

Choose just one floor or as many as you like whenever you want to extend.

Place each floor in the order of your choice and change the order at any time.

There are different styles to choose from (more available soon) or you can have the same floor as many times as you like, allowing you the owner a choice in the structure of the building itself.

MiPad comes finished in white matt both inside out, with white gloss floors so there's no need to decorate unless you want to. Very easy access and maximum visibility means you can see all your beautiful furniture at a glance but with enough wall space to arrange it too.

Sleek, large space, open plan, modern interior means that most floors can be used as any room, all it needs is your imagination."

Elaine is bringing dollhouses back in fashion by making more fashionable dollhouses. You can check out all of the details and order one today on her newly updated website:


  1. Beautiful....if only it were 1/6 scale.

  2. My goodness these are nice! Wondering if I would ever afford one. They look very expensive!

    1. Each floor is £150.00. I love the interchangeable concept. I'm getting one now and hope to get a second floor later.

  3. they are very nice..too bad the furniture isn't included

    1. The furniture is separate. I have one of the sofas and love it, I'll post photos soon. :)

  4. I love modular dollhouses! The first I made (and which is now thrown away - because it was not good enough) was based on that idea. Mine was garbage though, I wanted modular rooms, that was too complicated, making modular floors is brilliant! and this makes me want to start a good looking dollhouse. Since I have space now :)


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