Monday, February 18, 2013

HBS/ Creatin' Contest 2012

HBS/ posted all of the entrants to the 19th Annual Creatin' Contest here. The MiniTown Loft Shell Kit lent itself to more modern designs. I bought a few kits, but sadly they are still in the boxes. Here are the top winners and below are some of my favorites.

Grand Prize Winner Kerry Norell "E 'Sea' Living Houseboat"

First Place Winner Lyssa Bowen "Mt. Ollopa Lodge" (I love the architecture, and wow that landscaping!!)

Second Place Winner Brandean Jones "Storyville" (Anyone wanna go to New Orleans?)
Third Place Winner Michelle Miller "Locks Landing"

These are my favorites from the "First-Time Entrant Winners" category

Julie Bailey "Mirror, Mirror" (check out those mirrored stairs. LOVE! I want to see more pictures of this house)

Nancy Enge "Loft No. 1961" (I love the built-ins under the stairs and on the walls. What a great space to decorate. Love the color palette too.)

Angela Granlund "Her First House" (love the wallpaper)

Emerald Sandi Hinds "Photography Studio Loft" (I love the kitchen wallpaper)

Gloria Meeter "Sally Finally Got Her Real Loft Condo" (great floor plan and use of space)

These are my favorites from the "Honorable Mention" category

Hands down this is my absolute favorite and I really thought Cyd would have been in the top 5. Looking at the winners, I think landscape and background are the only areas to improve (both my weak points); quality of construction, craftsmanship, attention to detail and everything in this house is spot on. Totally #1 in my book.
Cyd Raduchel "The Butteryfly House" (

Jean Potter "Contemporary Condo"

Jeannine Schrader "End of the Wine Bar" (Rock bands + wine bar = whodathunk)

My faves from Repeat and First-Time Entrants

I really appreciate the number of modern and contemporary designs. Once you go modern you never go back. :P Join the revolution people!

Karin Myers "Loft"

Brenda Jasinski "Girly Glamour Loft"

Debra Davenport "Dollhouse on Another Planet"

Jeane Stilp "Contemporary Chic"

Jan Feldhouse "Black Jack's Bar & Billiards"

Jeanine Greelee "Solohaus Salon Spa"

Joann Conaway "Untitled"

Leah Sexton "Simplicity Southwest Gallery"

Jennifer Rivera "No Sleep 'til Brooklyn"

Kathy Strobos "The Fat Cat Red Hook Bar" (Love the PRD Miniatures dual sink vanity!)
Leslie Donley "Zebra Piano Bar Supperclub"

Mitchell Sahagian "Vacation Beach House" (cool design, I'd love to see more pictures)

Vivienne Willis "My Dream Closet" (mine too, I love those shoes!!!)

Check our all of the HBS/ 19th Annual Creatin' Contest entrants here:


  1. Hi. So many fantastic houses. These are something tho wish for. I love the work that people are doing on minis and dollhouses.

    Lil in Sweden

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post - what gorgeous creations :)

  3. ces créations sont superbes, beaucoup de recherches, de l'originalité ... Impressionnantes !
    Félicitations aux créateurs ! Merci pour le partage.

  4. Thanks so much for including mine among your faves ( Fat Cat Red Hook bar) - it made my day! and I can't wait until you open your store!

    1. Hey Kathy! I loved that bar idea. I was happy to include yours in my favorites. :D

  5. Las casas son fabulosas. Me encanta tu blog, para estar viéndolo toda la tarde. Ya tienes una seguidora nueva. Seguiré tu blog. Un abrazo

    1. Thanks so much Arantza! I love the felt bags and suitcases you are making on your blog. :D

  6. This looks like a lovely kit. Its a shame that I only have a son and I don't think he would be impressed if I gave these to him :)

    1. Hey David,
      I think this kit would make a fantastic fire station or police station. Or this one from HBS Miniatures:

      My son is 6 and his dollhouse is full of cars and legos. He loves it. :D

  7. I just now saw this post. Thanks for the feature and shout out about Mt Ollopa. :) I love everything about that build and the landscaping has to be my favorite. Nothing like jamming to Pandora and gluing down moss! Ha!

    Thanks, again.

    1. Hi Lyssa! Your landscaping blew the competition out of the water and I LOVE your house design. That angled siding is fantastic. Congrats, but I still think you should have won first. :D

    2. Thanks! I would have died a little if I got the grand prize (from excitement), but I am pretty happy with first. :)

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