Thursday, December 27, 2012

Makeshift Lighting Rig

Using the lighting rig from my lightbox tutorial, I added some 36" plain-end PVC pipes to the top and maneuvered it around my house. The first picture is before the lighting set up, next the lights and voila, much better pictures. I still have a lot to learn (lights are too close, need to better adjust filters, etc.), but I will post a real tutorial with lighting tips from my photographer brother later. I threw this together so I could share these pics quickly and get to the bigger news of an upcoming Giveaway!

Now it looks like natural light is shining through the window onto the ultra modern xmas tree (Doris gave me the tree, I keep forgetting to ask where she got it, isn't it awesome?).

Click on the photos to see a close up of the Stag Head. Yes, it is amazing and you can get it here. I came across this life size version that is no longer available, but this 6"/150mm tall version is here and is a great size for an ornament. I contacted the designer Dotsan and he eagerly agreed to make a 1:12 scale version for us enthusiasts. It took a few revisions to get the smaller scale version to be printable through Shapeways, but now it is available in black and white for under $14. Check out the is 3"/75mm tall version here. (There's a cool video of the larger scale one that I wish was available, but was too difficult for the company to make, so my mini version will have to suffice.)

Deets: fireplace, sofa, painting, metallic cubes, books, are PRD Miniatures. Rug, ribbon lamp, tree, are minimodernistas. Bookcase and coffee table are Peter Tucker. Green chairs are Reac. Accessories are from CW Lubin, Pepper, Modern MC, Neen, mini2b, CB2 ornament, dollhouse show purchases and made by me.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Une pièce magnifique qui correspond à ce que j'aime. L'arbre est très original !

  2. haha how great to see youre house in the hole picture ha-ha you are a true artist I bow to you!

  3. How fabulous is that stag, and how fabulous are you for convincing them to do a dolls house sized one?! :-D

    1. Aww, thanks AM! I flipped out when I saw it. I was shocked when the designer emailed me back the same day saying no problem and sent me a link to purchase it. The first two versions had printing errors, but after he made some adjustments, it is now available in its full glory. I really hope he does some more miniatures, he's totally open to suggestions. The Stag Head is really incredible. AND I've accidentally dropped it twice with no damage at all. The material definitely holds true to it's "strong and flexible" description. :D


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