Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm a Giant Challengers

I am seriously blown away by the talent and creativity from Emily Henderson's I'm a Giant Challenge. I was busy working on my challenge so I missed out on following the progress of everyone else. I'm still trying to catch up. I built a page to showcase all of the challengers I could find with pictures and links to their websites. I tried linking directly to their dollhouse posts, please feel free to send me any missing participants, URL updates or any changes: modernminifan (at)

Please check out all 83 participants here. Below is just a taste of the talent the challenge brought out:

I just love these kitchens, I could cook in these all day long. [left] Whiteowl: found — be still my beating heart. Are you kidding me, this is miniature?!? Unbelievable. I am blown away. [middle] Change of Scenery — I love all of your choices for this room and your whole house is gorgeous. [right] TinyFixation — I've blogged about here — I adore that chandelier and copper hood, and the cork inlay floors are pretty killer.

The creativity was abundant. [left] Call of the Small created this Rad Pad out of magazine file holders. [right] Lemon Cadet hollowed out an old iMac to make this cool abode. I'm hoping some other people will finish their ideas from shelves and boxes (*wishful hinting* you know who you are.)
[left] Onshore — the shoji screens and woodworking on this Teahouse are just incredible. [middle] Chinoiserie Chic — I love the patterns and prints Beth used in this house. I had no idea there were so many Chinoise miniatures this cool. [right] Asa Pearson blew me away with this ultra modern dollhouse design; the finished house is a beauty. You have to check out the lighting and cross beam ceiling in the man cave.

Two pieces I wish I had thought to make, are this incredible desk from Little Victorian and this gorgeous bathtub by Black Bird Has Spoken. I'm so jealous.
I love the bold use of color in these houses. [left] Make mine Mid-Century, [middle] My Mod Style and [right] Warm Hot Chocolate really brightened up their rooms with some vibrant colors. I'm kind of intimidated by color, but these rooms really inspire me go to bold.

Here are some bedrooms I really like: [left] This Magpie's Nest, [middle] With Two Cats and [right] Fade into Bleu.

[left] I really love Nicole's color palette for her whole house, GORGEOUS! — Making it Lovely. [middle] Morgan's A-frame and furniture are UhMazing — The Brick House. [right] Debra's father had built this mini green house as an accessory for the dollhouse he built for her and her sisters, but years later now her daughter is playing with it, along with the fantastic renovation Debra made to the main house — Cocoon Home.

Above are just a few photos of people's work. Please go here to see pictures of all of the participants for the challenge. Here is the website list of the 83 participants I could find so far. Please leave a comment if I missed you.

Emily's Original Homies

Inspiration Queen Emily: Style by Emily Henderson ~
Morgan: The Brick House ~
Erin: Design for Mankind ~
Orlando: Homme Maker
Corbett: girl domestic ~
Jenny: Little Green Notebook ~
Nicole: Making it Lovely ~
Kirsten: Simply Grove ~

The rest of us that want to be her homies (listed alphabetically)

A Joyful Girl ~
a living space ~
Annie's Oblations (pre-challenge) ~
ASA Pearson Designs ~
bijougirl ~
Black and White and Loved All Over ~
Black Bird Has Spoken ~
BluBabesCreate ~
Cali Rezo (pre-challenge and ongoing) ~
Call of the Small ~
Carmen Jessee ~
Change of Scenery ~
chelsea-sparks ~
Chinoiserie Chic ~
Christy Crafts ~
Cloudy Purple Sky ~
Cocoon Home ~
The Contented Renter ~ (please build it!)
Copy Cat Chic ~
Cowboy Bunny ~
Design Thoughts ~
Fade into Bleu ~
Finding Eliza ~
Fleurishing ~
Flippin' Dollhouse ~
The Frippery Factory ~ (come back, I want to see what you do with the box)
Giginstudio ~
Go Haus Go ~
Holly Recommends ~
The Honey Hut ~
House of Lovelock ~
JWK Style ~
KathieB's Minis (pre-challenge) ~
Keepers ~
La Vita Petite ~
LeftCoastMini (pre-challenge) ~
Lemon Cadet ~
Little Dash ~
Little Victorian ~
Loganberry Lane ~
Make mine Mid-Century ~
Marcus and Rach ~
Michelle Corvino: Gnome Homes ~
Mini*Aesthetics ~
MiniMinimalDesign ~
Modern Mini Houses (that's me) ~
My Mini Mod Pod ~
My Mod Style ~
My Recession Kitchen ~
Noted Home ~
OneFortyThree ~ (additional Instgram photos here:
Onshore ~
Opal Weekends ~
Petite Plat ~
Pinky Creations ~
The Project Corner ~
Redesign ~
Silly Eagle Books ~
simplycoolstuff ~
Snow Fern ~
Sophie and Lili ~
Stringfellow Art ~
Summer Plays House ~
Tales of a Tumbleweed ~
TinyFixation (Large and in Charge) ~
This is Kara B. ~
This Magpie's Nest ~
This Posh House ~
Warm Hot Chocolate ~
Whiteowl: found ~
With Two Cats ~
Wonders Will Never Cease ~
wonderland.5 ~
wordplayhouse ~
Here's the "I'm a Giant" flickr group to share photos:

Again, please send those that I have missed and I am eager to add them. modernminifan (at)

Thanks for the inspiration everyone! See all here.

(all images from respective websites)


  1. Wow, Megan, this is truly a labor of love!! What an amazing job you did compiling everything! I sent Emily's publicist an email to alert her to this. It is really great that you created a resource that has everyone and their projects in one place. Bravo!

    1. Aww thanks CS!!! Yes labor of love. I think my Mr. was drawing up divorce papers if I didn't finish it up. "just one more blog..." Now maybe I can get back to finishing my project. :D

  2. Thanks for featuring my blog and house! I still have so much work to do with my house. It's inspiring to see everyone's designs. I plan to just keep working on mine as I find furniture and piece it together.

    1. Hey Jessie! I LOVE your blue kitchen and yellow striped living room. I'm truly inspired to bust a bright bold color on my walls now. Thank you for making it look so good. I think many of us still have a lot to do. Finding the time is the tricky part. :) Looking forward to seeing your other finished rooms!

  3. Woowoo!! Nice comprehensive update! Extremely well curated. I had been trying to keep a running list of all participants in my blog feed, but it looks like I've missed a few. Excellent reading material for tomorrow's sick-day :) Thanks for adding my kitchen!

    1. Hey Meagan! I'm hoping people can spread the word and send me those I've missed so I can keep the list current. I was having a hard time remembering what work I had seen where, so the photo strip of their work has helped me stalk people, I mean admire their work. LOTS of excellent reading material. :P

  4. This is wonderful! That's what I thought would happen when the contest was over. I am still working on mine but here are links to some of the updates I posted earlier on my blog FindingEliza. and my favorite of my fireplace

    1. Ahh Kristin, sorry I missed you. I will add you tonight. Thanks for the links!!

    2. Kristin, is now up on the Roll Call page. Thank you for the links and photos!

  5. WOW - this is amazing and definitely a labor of love! Thank you so much for creating this space, allowing us to view the work of so many talented miniaturists. I would never have been able to find all of the sites. Great effort.

    1. Thanks so much mini2b! It was worth the time for sure, I'm really glad people are finding it useful. :D

  6. a big thank you from me too and a big bravo. and a thankyou for your mr, he must have been very patient.
    i missed so many of these blogs and pictures and now I enjoy!

    1. You are most welcome Oese! He is doing much better now. ;) I left a dent in the couch after surfing all of the blogs and putting this together. It's nice now to take a break and just enjoy everyone else's work. :)

  7. Thank you so much! When the challenge fell apart, I was so disappointed that we wouldn't get to see them all together like this. That must have been a whole lot of work for you, but we really appreciate it!

    1. You're Welcome!! I love your hanging couch, and of course the desk I mentioned above, great work. Congrats on getting your whole house together. Any chance you'll stick with it, or are you done with miniatures? I hope to see more of your work. :D

  8. Oh, and Logan at OneFortyThree was also participating. I think he was putting most of his photos on Twitter, but here is what he has on his blog:

    1. Oh jeesh! How did I forget Logan and that amazing geodesic dome!?!? I've actually even been following his blog. D'oh!! I just added him now, thanks Christina! Shhh, don't tell him. Maybe he'll never know my blunder. ;)

  9. Thanks Mini Dork! I've also been trying to keep an eye on everyone who participated. I love this resource! I hope the powers that be behind the I'm A Giant challenge give you a shout out because you deserve it for all this work. And you are one of our homies so that's all that matters--ha!

    1. Yo Yo MC! Thanks for the shout out. :D Virtual fist bump from your homie!

  10. Thanks so much for giving me a mention....I know I was blown away with everything everyone did!

    1. Hi Asa! Your house is amazing!!! I love the architectural design, and you did a fabulous job on the interiors and all of the small details. Congrats!

  11. Wow, you've done a lot of work on this! Thanks for keeping the challenge going. Maybe Miss Emily will get back to it. Now my New Years resolution of spending less time on the computer is all for not. I'll be sitting here for hours checking out al of the entrants. You Rock!

    1. Sorry sorry for giving you more reasons to stay on the computer. I'm trying Celine Dion style where a take a couples days off every week. It's the only way I can stay away. :D Too much cool mini stuff...

  12. Thanks for posting this,You're an absolute star! So much easier than jumping between blogs to see what people have been up to. Fantastic entries from everyone

    1. Hey Pepper! Thanks so much. Glad its helpful. It was fun picking my favorite pics from everyone. :D

  13. Ahhh, well done you! So hard to keep up with what everone did, thanks for making it easy for me x

    1. Hey Max!!! I know it was crazy trying to track everyone down, so selfishly I put them all in one place so I can continue to lurk and be inspired. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom you did, that bathtub is gorgeous. The lego fireplace and wine glass tables you did are really creative. The kitchen table looks just like the tulip table. And your ball chair is just fab. Congrats on your house, I love it!!

  14. Dear Mini Dork-
    I can't sit still so I turn elsewhere.I found a place that'll cut plexiglass for me and even bend it so I'll soon have a few more new scenes and may be a new house!. I'm learning so much from Petra !
    I am so happy the new Ikea store opens in four days and Lekman is waiting for me there!!
    Thank you so much for your kind words! I enjoy so much watching your wonderful houses. I wish to make tiny steps towards your perfection!

    1. Hey Neomi!! Oh thank goodness, only 4 days, I was worried it might be 4 months!! Oh cool that you found a place to cut plexi for you. I'm sure once you start building you'll come up with some really cool houses! Can' wait! Congrats! :D

  15. Wow! Thanks for tracking all of these down, I am in absolute heaven looking at all of the AMAZING dollhouses!


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