Monday, January 30, 2012

Evening on ebay

It's too cold to work in the garage tonight, so the Fashion House is on hold. I ended up getting sucked into ebay instead and I thought I would share. Here are some of the gems that peaked my interest. Some of the prices are high, but many have "make an offer" available. As with many large 1:12 scale dollhouse many listings are local pick up only.

Ebay seller demantaur is parting with two incredibly detailed, fully furnished, and electrified houses. Both are local pick up only near Frederick, Maryland. This first house is a top loader with the roof on hinges. I love the panel molding and the plexi bathroom. The pool is phenomenal. Some serious hours were logged into making this a work of art. Check out all 130 photos on photobucket or the ebay listing here.

The second house demantaur is selling, in another impressive one-of-a-kind. The bookcase in the hallway of the two story brick house is impressive. Again, the bathroom here is really cool as well. Gotta love plastic. You can see all 69 pictures on photobucket or the ebay listing here.

I would LOVE to put a modern interior in this Western Log Dollhouse Kit "MONTANA BUNK HOUSE". I can just imagine a high end ultra modern cabin nestled in the mountains near Vail or Breckenridge. Dreamy.

I really love the shelves on this Vintage German Puppenstuben Store Front. I'd be tempted to take it apart just for the shelves.

This one is unusual indeed: Hand Crafted One Of A Kind Unusual Wooden Doll House. Local pick up only in Reading, PA.

A used Villa Sibi in Greenwich, CT is up with option to ship.

There's a Tomy Smaller Home and Garden in pretty decent condition, there may be a warp on the shorter part of the roof, but the second floor is not warping, which happens to many of the Tomy vintage houses. It is 1:16 scale, you can see an old commercial on youtube here.

This one needs some work, but the brick Vintage Chicago Bungalow is the same bungalow style house my great grandparents owned. I didn't know them, but we visit their old house whenever we're in Denver.

I love the copper awnings on the white Stucco Pennsylvania custom house. It also has a cool cross beam ceiling and the molding and windows are nicely finished.

Okay, this kit is extremely cutesy, but I love the roof design and the windows. Strip away some of the bubblegum decor and add a little industrial modern and I would call it home. Sadly, its small; at 43 cm tall, I'm guessing it is closer to 1:16 or 1:18 scale. Boo.

Mad for Mod's Mid-Century Modern dollhouse has starting bid of $295, local pick up Carmel, IN. Check out her blog for more close up shots.

A used Emerson with furniture is up with local pick up in Baltimore, MD area.

(All images from ebay listings. Click on links above to see more ebay details.)


  1. Ooooh, I would love to have that Villa Sibi and that cabin could be soooo cool w/a modern interior!

  2. Hey Mad for Mod yeah, that cabin is crazy. There were a few log cabin dollhouses on ebay, but this one keeps drawing me in. I think it's that big open living room. Man, I'd have so much fun decorating that. Ultimate winter vacation home!



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