Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marquette Model by Cali Rezo

(Okay, I've mentioned I am behind in posts, but I've been meaning to post this for, jeez yes, a year now. Ugh, one of these days I'll get on top of things.)

Last November, Cali from France sent me links to an incredible project she's working on. A modern miniature model of her real house. First, I love her home decor in real life, but her attention to detail in recreating miniature versions is amazing. Check out the comparisons between the model and the real life pictures. Pretty impressive!

The miniature versions of her artwork and accessories is just inspiring. I literally wished I lived in her house. Thanks for sharing Cali and good luck on the second floor, I can't wait to see the rest of your house!

Check out her blog to see how the first floor was constructed and more miniature compared to real life photos. The photos are amazing. Additionally, you can check out the progress on the second floor:

(all images from www.calirezo.com)


  1. Cute miniature of houses. If you haven't told in this post that these are small houses, i should have thought that these are real homes. Pretty.

  2. Ooooo....So Wonderful, Can I move in?

  3. This is cool! Thanks for sharing it, man. When I see the great things that people make by hand, I always wish that I was crafty enough and creative to make my own.

  4. Celi did a really good job making everything look so true to scale.

    Hey Kikka!
    I know, I totally want to move in (and it's in Paris, who wouldn't want to live there?)

    Yo MC
    Tell me about it. Building a house for the Giant challenge is making me realize I'm all thumbs. I really hope it will come together. What you lack in craftiness, you make up for in spades with your mad design skills. The way you put rooms together leaves us in awe.

    mini smiles,

  5. I just take a peek and I discovered your post. How I wish to have this kind of property someday. Thank you and keep sharing.



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