Thursday, April 8, 2010

We've been outed in The New York Times

I imagine that Call of the small, Miniatures by Annina, Petite Nouveau and others, had as much fun as I did, being interviewed by Kate Murphy of The New York Times. I had no idea this was going to be on the cover of the Home & Garden section (April 8, 2010) with a link on the front page of I can't wait to go pick up a copy. I hope the coverage helps get more modern miniatures on the market.

It's nice to see some faces and meet the people behind the blogs, but part of the beauty of blogging for me was the anonymity of it all. Cat's out of the bag now. I usually get a perplexed reaction from friends when I say "I collect modern dollhouses," but hopefully now they'll have a clearer picture and I can say it without a hint of embarrassment.

You can read the article here:

(image from The New York Times website on 4/8/10)


  1. Wonderful exposure. Just fabulous! Congrats to all who participated.

  2. Oprah is next! Congrats! Melissa

  3. Congratulations to you all!
    A great article, and I thought it was nice to get to know you all a bit better, so I'm glad you were outed :-) And hope this will lead to even more modern mini design being made :-)

  4. It was really nice to read the article and a strange feeling of "knowing" this women! I also hope there will be some more designer furniture like the reac-chairs on the market.
    Thanks for beeing an outride!

    Oese, unable to publish a comment with google-account :-(

  5. Thanks all! I definitely hope this might increase interest and get more modern miniatures online, in stores and in our houses. I think I saw this on and couldn't say it better myself:
    "Making dollhouses more fashionable, by making more fashionable dollhouses."

  6. Oese! Not again. I have no idea why your comments aren't being posted. I emailed support but they haven't had an useful answers either. I'm so sorry. I turned off the word verification, maybe it will work now?

  7. I stumbled across the NYT article and I'm thrilled to find you all! My dad made a 1:12 replica of our 1954 ranch house for our daughter, but we haven't furnished it because we couldn't find midcentury modern minis. Admittedly we didn't scour the interwebs (we do have a young child and not much free time) but I had no idea there were othjers like us! Your houses are beautiful and give me tons of inspiration.

    Sorry if I'm gushing, but I'm really excited about this :)

  8. Hey Andrea! Yes, please post your dollhouse....I would love to see it. Another option for wallpaper that is not expensive is to go to either a crafts store or memory paper store and purchase paper there for wallpaper. There are many designs that you can use that are small enough and in scale and have that 60's look. Much less expensive than dollhouse paper! Melissa

  9. Hi! So much fun! So you live in Redwood City! I live in Oakland. Nor Cal unit. Kate said to me "Oakland?... Oakland?." xoxo CM

  10. Great article, congratulations! It was fun to read about people and locations that I recognize. Even more surprising to know that there are so many modern collectors in the Bay Area.

  11. Welcome Andrea. PLEASE send photos of your house (or blog or upload to flickr). We would love to see them! Welcome to many late nights of staying up way too late perusing blogs, and in the morning when the kids are running all over the place swear you'll get to bed early, but never do.

    Hey Shopping Sherpa! Thanks! I was surprised they didn't mention you. Everyone knows your blog is fabulous.

    CM - Oakland? I'm on my way over now to see your amazing collection. Seriously, email me, I'd love to meet up!

    Jean - glad you enjoyed it.

    mini2b - are you in the Bay Area? When are you going to start posting photos? :D


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