Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Modern MC finds the best stuff!

LBrandt's Etsy shop has two really cool mini mini houses. I had stumbled across this Etsy shop and saw the miniGarden dwellings with the mini Eames and Wegner designer chairs, but thankfully Modern MC sent me the links to these beauties. Thanks for the great tip!

The New Century measures 4 x 1.5 x 1" and is selling for $90.

Habitat Modern measures 2 x 1 .25 x 1" and is selling for $50.

Oese, I'm guessing you'll love these and may be inspired to make your own. I've been interested in trying to make something similar myself, but as LBrandt says in the descriptions, the larger house took 10 hours and the smaller house 4 hours. Based on the lack of posts, you can imagine I barely have an extra 10 minutes to post these days, so I don't think I'll be building my own very soon. One can always dream though.

(images from LBrandt's Etsy shop)


  1.! Amazing. Steep prices, but I guess it is mostly in the labor with those many hours put in! Very impressive. Welcome back, btw!

  2. Great tiny pieces, I love them both! Thanks for sharing, both to you and Modern MC!

  3. Really great looking pieces. It is amazing at how great such small pieces can invoke the imagination.

  4. hi mini dork!
    thank you for showing this nice houses, I've never seen them before. I blogged my version yesterday.
    But as you can see on the result, I don't need 4 hours for it....*g*
    My work is allways quick and easy.If it's not, I give up.

  5. I have a very beautiful dollhouse, it looks awesome and very decorative for my room.Now i want to buy dollhouse lighting, which can glitter my doll house.

  6. Hola!!!!!!!!
    Enhorabuena por tu blog, me encantan ver tus trabajos.
    besitos ascension


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