Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dream master suite

I saw these chairs on MiniModern's blog and bought them from West Elm, unfortunately before they went on sale for $6. This green room is my inspiration for the master suite I'll build to use the chairs in. I'm planning on making a matching headboard similar to this. All of course after I build the house.

Updated 1/8/08
These chairs are 2.5" x 2" x 4" making them roughly 1:9 scale. D'oh!
Thanks anonymous for your comments! They are also $3.99 now for anyone needing closer to Barbie size furniture. Again, Barbie gets all the cool modern stuff.


  1. Hello, I purchased several of the chairs after reading your blog (fortunately while on sale for $3.99). Received chairs but they seem rather large. Are you planning to use them in a 1:12 setting? So far I have only purchased furniture; need to get started on a house!

  2. Anonymous you are making me cry. Not only did I pay full price, but yes indeed they are not 1:12. I hadn't taken them out of the box yet, as my dollhouse is still under reconstruction. Ugh.

    On their website it clearly says: 2.5" x 2" x 4"h, making them closer to 1:9. I somehow completely missed the 4" and thought it was 2.5" high.

    Instead of building the bed from scratch, I think I'll use the chairs to build the bed and maybe try to cut up and shrink the chairs down to size.

    Luckily I just bought a dremel tool so it might actually look half way decent. Pics to come after the dollhouse is finished.

  3. I missed the size also and purchased 6 for a table - but the company sent me 8. Debating about returning them which I think I can still do. Will watch for your pics. I really enjoy your site.


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