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Shapeways 3D Printed Mini House Contest Entries

Here are all the entries for the 3D Printed Miniature House Contest hosted by Shapeways. The numbers are assigned for judges ease of use and are in no particular order, other than trying to fit them on this page. The contest terms and conditions state the winners will be notified by April 30, but we hope to have the judges decisions finalized in a week. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners. Big thanks to everyone who participated.

1. Phillip Michael Nuveen
This is my entry Photo for the Miniature houses contest. I created a miniature furniture showroom highlighting some of my pieces of furniture I like to furnish my miniature structures with. I really love Shapeways, they have allowed me the key to produce amazing miniatures!
2. Doris Nathanson
The chairs and table are 3D printed by tisch of DSTEIN Scale Furniture. I painted the chairs and made everything else in this 1:24 scale modern kitchen.
3. Kamalesh Bhambare
Dollhouse fan for my daughter, 3D printed in pink strong and flexible polished material. Motor and battery added to the printed model. See the moving fan video and more photos on the blog below.

4. Mod Pod Miniatures‎
The Pouchard chairs are by Pretty Little Things, The table is by Modernminifan, The Vegetal chairs and the Octo lamp shades are by Marion Russek, I spray painted the Vegetal chairs lime green, the Pouchard chairs bright yellow and the Octo lampshades chrome to mimic the center privacy panel. The Octo lampshades are lit up with LED bulbs although you cant tell with the sunlight. I left the table white. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest and for Shapeways!
5. Alice Miniatures
I wanted to create a 'boutique' style bathroom. The bath, tap, bidet, toilet, sink & tap and shower fitting are 3d printed from Modern Dollhouse at Shapeways. I finished them with white and silver gloss spray paint. The light above the shower changes to blue and violet. I made the tiles and fittings from wood, foam board, perspex and eggboxes and added some accessories.
6. Studio 3D Printed Objects
A combination of vintage style and modern technology in 3D printed miniatures on our shelf. Rabbit, fish, basket with flowers, plate phone, bikes, sheep and old gramophone are 3D printed in white strong and flexible nylon. Some models are coloured with acrylic paint, some are further made to look older by metallic paints. Waiting man with flowers is 3D printed in colour sandstone.Golf ball boxes serve for size comparison.

7. Anna-Maria Sviatko
This scene is called 'Opening time' and is part of my Melbourne laneway café, Hideout (See the full build on my blog:

The 3D-printed 1:12 Pauchard Chairs, stools with short back and low stools were all by PrettySmallThings (bought on Shapeways) and the light shade is a 3D-printed full-sized tea light shade by PUNEET.JODHKA (bought at a local market.)

After buying the chairs, I contacted the seller and asked if she could design stools as well: which she did in a variety of sizes and styles.

I painted the stools and chairs with copper and black spray paint, and left the tea light shade in its original black.
8. Otterine
My miniature laundry room also serves as the craft space. Right now, there's a miniature swimming pool on the work table. I've included a miniature reproduction of the Shapeways shipping box that held the swimming pool and an unused miniature bridge. I split apart a real Shapeways box then reproduced the wording and logos through scanning, manual type-setting and clip-art alteration.

The following is a list of the 3D printed items included. I painted an N scale swimming pool and filled it with resin water, including a tiny dispensing cup in the scene. The room is accented by a laundry basket that I spray painted flat white. The bookshelf was painted Liquitex Iridescent Bronze and the modern vase was painted Testors Gloss Teal. The overhead lampshade was painted tan to mimic a bamboo shade, and I added a Novalyte can LED with the wiring fed through a length of aluminum tubing. The desk accessories and trash can were printed in light metallic grey, so I left them as is. The stacking bins were molded in green and also left as is. An unaltered N scale bridge sits on the bookshelf awaiting its turn on the work table.
9. Paper Doll Miniatures
I decided to have a bit of fun and made the shower "rain" in my contemporary bath smile emoticon.

Both the faucet and vessel sink were designed by me and printed by Shapeways. The sink is white plastic with a light finish of spray paint and the faucet is printed in stainless steel and left bare (it printed with a slight pink undertone). The shower panel is from Modern Dollhouse and I tried to get the plastic to match the faucet, spraying it metallic gold and then dabbing silver. The moth orchid plant I made is sitting in the largest of the containers from ModernMiniFan's 6-piece Bath Collection, along with the matching tray, the box I used as a toothbrush holder and the makeup brush/lotion combo set. The little stool is designed by Mini World Designs.


10. Judi Palenski‎
I created a scene for a 1:48 scale Eames chair, foot stool and side table from "Pretty Small Things,". It is perfect for a small 4" baseball cube scene. I painted the metal parts with metallic gunmetal gray. The table top and furniture backs were painted with an enamel paint to look like pecan wood. The top of the chair and stool were covered with brown embossing powder to give it a soft fabric look. I made some books, a draecana floor plant, a dahlia flower in an acrylic vase and a modern floor lamp for good lighting when reading. I created a glass window look for the windows and door. Wallpaper and a stained scored floor finished the look.
11. Marion Russek
Miniature contest 1:12: 3d printed (white polished plastic) bath counter top sink and free-standing bath tub with faucet. Just added a little acrylic shine in white and chrome.
12. Marion Russek
Miniature contest 1:12: a contemporary laundry basket printed in frosted material (tends to turn a little after a while..). Used thin shrink tube to made the handles thicker.
13. Marion Russek
Miniature contest 1:12: a 3d printed wicker chair (white polished plastic) painted with acrylic in the log cabin bedroom, seen from further away.
14. Marion Russek
Miniature contest 1:12: a 3d printed wicker chair (while polished plastic) painted with acrylic in the log cabin bedroom.

15. Marion Russek
Miniature contest 1:12: the 270° spiral stairs turned out stunning! The base printed in 3d white polished plastic, then added the wooden steps. The handrail is made of metal rods, drilled 2 2mm holes at the angle of 35° gradient in each of them and fed white shrink tube through them.
16. Marion Russek‎
3D printed 1:12 wall mounted toilet in a modernized log cabin model.
17. Marion Russek‎
Miniature contest 1:12: 3d printed free-standing bath tub (sprayed with white gloss acrylic) with faucet (sprayed with chrome acrylic) in the log cabin.

18. Marion Russek
Miniature contest 1:12: antler chandelier (lights on) printed in 3d while plastic, then painted with acrylic and electrified with 3 nano lights. The wires of the lights were too stiff to use with a chain from the ceiling so they had to be hidden in a black plastic pipe.
The Gervasoni chairs are 3d prints as well, painted with acrylic and completed with a felt cushion.
19. Marion Russek‎
Miniature contest 1:12: antler chandelier (lights off) printed in 3d while plastic, then painted with acrylic and electrified with 3 nano lights. The wires of the lights were too stiff to use with a chain from the ceiling so they had to be hidden in a black plastic pipe.
20. Marion Russek
Miniature contest 1:12: 3d printed sink and faucet in polished white plastic, then spray-painted with white glossy acrylic, resp, chrome acrylic.

21. Marion Russek
Miniature contest entry 1:12: the USM chest is printed in 3D while polished plastic. I then painted the chrome and covered the panes with white shiny sticky shelf lining to get the glossy finish.
22. Marion Russek‎
Miniature contest 1:12: 3d printed Kettal garden chairs (white polished plastic) for the log cabin patio. Painted with acrylic paint, brown and metal.
23. Muriel Watson‎
3D printed contest 1:24 scale
this was the second room in my 24th scale house using Shapeways 3D printed items. The Sakura chair in far left I covered in green leather. The Egg chair in purple was purchased from Shapeways in the colour scheme shown, and the coffee table and arc light were also 3Dprinted.
24. Muriel Watson
3D printed contest 1:24 scale
I had this gorgeous blue and green wallpaper to use and found the two white armchairs, Reitveldt inspired table and small table and chairs in the background from Shapeways. I painted the base legs silver and added green leather cushions to the armchairs and used green sparkly craft paper on the table top to match the colour scheme.
I usually work in smaller scales such as 48th scale so it was wonderful to try 1:24 and find good modern furniture.
25. Muriel Watson
Mini contest. This is my art deco style living room in 1:48 scale so very small scale to work in. Complete room is only 5inches wide by 6 inches deep and you can see the music room to the left. It is very difficult to find specific art deco items in this scale so I asked a Shapeways designer to make them for me. Items that are 3D printed in this room are sectional sofa, lamp, art deco drinks trolley. Also in background 2 "Z" chairs and noguchi coffee table as well as display cabinet. The piano, stool and green chair are also 3D printed as well as the art deco floor lamp. Most items painted with acrylic paint then decorated with matching accessories.
26. Muriel Watson
3D printed contest 1:48 scale
In this mini kitchen the unit to the left, kitchen island and the two stools are 3D printed items. I decorated them with gloss vinyl in green with highlights for drawers etc in silver

27. Muriel Watson
This is 48th scale 3D printed piano and light purchased from Shapeways, placed in my Art Deco miniature house.
28. Jim Wilkins‎
The Prairie Rose tiny house designed by Tiny Green Cabins printed in 3D


  1. They all look fabulous!! Such creative minds...

  2. This is going to be sooo hard. So many different ideas and all are incredible. Is it too late to say I don't want to Judge? I just can't decide...=0/

  3. Hello from Spain: fabulous proposals. Nice scenes.. Keep in touch

  4. What Terrific Entries! I have some personal Favorites already, but I wish everybody Good Luck! :D


  5. I don't envy the judges! I would have to recuse myself for liking all of them lol!

  6. I don't envy the judges...everyone really did an amazing job :) I still can't get over how tiny some of these scenes are!

  7. Pepper: I've made a spreadsheet of the entries, including number of designs used, number of items designed from scratch, number of items commissioned. Let me know if you need me to send it to you... ;-)

  8. Everyone did a wonderful job. I feel for you judges!


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