Friday, March 14, 2014

New Modern Pad for Barbie

I think Boomini has found a great way to satisfy kids and collectors with these new modern dollhouses for fashion dolls. I keep saying I'm sticking to 1:12, but these new 1:6 dollhouses from Poland are really tempting! And the furniture!?!? So gorgeous and so modern. I LOVE IT!

"Boomini introduces beauty, quality, and safety of use into modern houses. Our doll houses are both a designer item and a gorgeous toy allowing a child to develop imagination and social functions, satisfy intellectual and emotional needs as well as develop a sense of esthetics and passion for beauty. Boomini teaches how to search for the best, the refined and the unique."

Boomini Wood
"A spacious house consisting of four parts, which can be freely combined with each other horizontally. Made from certified plywood. The set includes stairs. It is ideal for several children to play at the same time as you can play on all sides. If you want to use it as a decoration, it looks best placed on a table to show off all the interior fittings. The interior is decorated in pastel colors. The furniture is made of wood and plywood, painted with watercolors, which are safe for children. All the upholstered items are made of woolen felt."

Boomini White
"A multistory dollhouse scale 1:6 size 47x62x132 cm (LxWxH). Perfect for placing on the floor as an original piece of furniture. The front parts of the house are mobile. When closed it makes a solid display home, when open it makes it easy to play inside. The set includes stairs, which can be used from the front or from the side. It is made of high quality MDF.

The interior is decorated with black and white wallpaper, which provides a perfect backdrop for furniture and accessories are in bold, vibrant colors. The rear wall of the kitchen is a blackboard, where you can chalk recipes or leave messages for other family members."

Check out more about Boomini here:


  1. Ok, this is just too much for a 1:12er. Now what do I do? LOL (I want onnnne!) LOL

    1. I know, I know. I'm right there with you! Make it smaller. :D

  2. I could make something like that in 1:12, using a plastic product which is better than MDF. I would add a little more trim to it though, or at least sell an upgraded kit as an option. Food for thought!

  3. Replies
    1. According to Joanna from Boomini, "Boomini White and Boomini Wood are selling as a complete set (dollhouse + furnishings, fabrics, wallpapers etc.) and the price in US is about $1990 (this including shipping to NYC for example, but to the most state the cost of shipping is similar)."

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  5. Is it bad of me to resent Barbie? That gal has everything...houses, cool furniture. x~x

  6. This is just what I need for my Barbies (they hated living in a townhouse)

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