Sunday, February 2, 2014

New dollhouses from The Contemporary Home in Miniature

Leanne Bartlett from The Contemporary Home in Miniature has two new contemporary houses to add to her offerings. The Water's Edge, 1:12 scale dollhouse, starts at £495. "The three roomed town house with open plan living area, bedroom with en-suite shower room and funky kitchen extension. 610mm high x 648mm wide x 431mm deep."

The Spinnaker Court,
1:12 scale dollhouse, starts at £1095. "Two homes in one innovative, space-saving footprint. With two separate duplex apartments to furnish, there is a chance to really let your imagination take flight. A cantelever roof and offset balconies as well as sliding internal walls, give this duplex a real designer look. 960mm high x 760mm wide x 510mm deep."

Leanne also sells furniture as seen on her website here, but doesn't have an online store so contact her directly. You can also check out her facebook page here.

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  1. What beautiful houses!!! I really like modern, contemporary miniature homes and these are really beautiful. Well worth the price they cost. :)

  2. I love them both, they're just awesome!


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